Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 7

Popular Woodworking 2000-04 № 114, страница 7

remember my manual arts teacher and what/how he taught me.

My wife bought me a Mark V Shopsmith for $450 from one of the local hardware stores for Christmas in 1972. I subsequently bought the band saw attachment with which I do the majority of my craft making, together with the disc sander and horizontal drill.

We live in Sylvania, Ohio, a suburb of Toledo and have a daughter and four grandsons in Lexington, Ky., so every trip to Kentucky requires a stop at the Shopsmith store in Dayton to see what's new and to buy some band saw blades.

As a side note, I also am involved in helping to build a timber-framed barn for our Sylvania Historical Village. We want to make half of this barn into a blacksmith shop and the other half into a "period" woodworking shop, so we'll be looking for vintage belt-driven tools etc. some time when funds are available. Any ideas on where these machines might be located would be appreciated. Thanks for the article.

Bruce Wharram Sylvania, Ohio

Hey,That's Not an Antique— That's My Table Saw!

I was reading your newest issue (January 2000) and was shocked. I believe it was on page 50 that you had an ad for a Delta 10" saw and 6" jointer combination in "The Amazing Rise of Home Woodworking" article. The ad was dated 1936 and the article confirmed that Delta created the first tilting arbor in 1937.

Would you believe that this 1936 saw combination is still used in my workshop today? I felt the tilting table was a little dangerous, so I replaced the saw. But I am still using the jointer. I based my new table saw purchase on the reputation of the old saw, so it is no surprise I picked up another Delta 10" saw.

I was always curious how old this thing was. Thanks for the information.

Peter Commerford Walpole, Massachusetts

Staining Maple Legs is Not for the Faint-Hearted

I'd like to pose a question that has me

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