Popular Woodworking 2000-12 № 119, страница 22

Popular Woodworking 2000-12 № 119, страница 22

quick grip's new advantage clamp

We've relied on the one-handed Quick Grip clamps since their inception several years ago. And now we're pleased to see American Tool expand the line with the Quick Grip Advantage, which merges a one-handed clamp with a F-style clamp. As a result, the Advantage line offers the best of both worlds: an easy-to-use clamp that can put the squeeze on your work. With a reported 600 lbs. of clamping force, the Advantage clamps stand up to all but the most strenuous clamping tasks, while the non-marring pads on the swiveling jaws allow the clamp to tighten without sliding pieces out of parallel from one another. Available in 6", 12" and 24" lengths, we expect the Advantage clamps to sell for about $35 for the 24" clamp. While a similar clamp that offers more substantial clamping pressure is available from a competing manufacturer, the Advantage clamp is easier to use and less expensive, while its mostly steel construction promises long life. This is a nice new addition to the line and a tool improvement we're happy to recommend.

Contact American Tool at 800-8665740 or www.quick-gripclamp.com

Contact Senco at 888-222-8144 or www.senco.com

SENco's FlNisHPRo 25 WITH 2!/8" capacity

We've spent the past couple of years praising Senco's line of air tools for the home woodworker, Accuset, so we're pleased to give high marks to a new addition to the company's flagship line this year. The FinishPro 25 brad nailer is the first 18-gauge brad nailer capable of firing 5/8"- to 21/8"-long brads into the hardest of woods. This is accomplished with a "turbo" feature, which increases power by 30 percent for driving the really long brads. While it is a small job to turn the turbo feature on with an Allen wrench, most users will set the turbo feature in either the high or low setting and leave it there. Other features include a lightweight design, oilless operation, adjustable depth-of-drive, on-board wrenches and a clever lock-out function that will not allow the nailer to fire if you are out of brads — no more blanks that you think are holding the work. Selling for $199, the FinishPro 25 is a nice advance in the brad nailer industry, and another feather in Senco's cap.

dremel's well-appointed scr0llsaw

Serious furniture builders need a scrollsaw, yet they don't need a top-of-the-line Hegner, Excalibur or RBI. Instead, they need an easy-to-use saw for cutting both fretwork and templates for pattern-routing that doesn't cost as much as a table saw. The Dremel 1608 is just such a tool. For less than $200 you get a benchtop scrollsaw that is packed with great features and makes smooth cuts in both solid wood and plywood. I

Here's what you get: a Ve hp variable-speed motor that operates between 500 and 1,600 strokes per minute. A 12" x 16" cast iron table that tilts 45 de grees both left and right. An adjustable blower and worklight that keep your cut line clear of dust and well-illuminated. Toolless blade holders that accept both pin- and plain-end blades. And controls for the saw that are right up in front where you need them. If you're a hard-core cabinetmaker who occasionally needs some fretwork, we highly recommend the Dremel. And if you are a novice scrollsawyer, the Dremel 1608 has a lot of the features of the big boys (except the price) and would be an excellent choice for a first scrollsaw. PW

Contact Dremel at 800-437-3635 or www.dremel.com


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