Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 92

Popular Woodworking 2002-02 № 126, страница 92

19/32" 9/l6"




Full-size section of rails

in a router.

Trim your rails to the proper length and install them. Screw one rail to the bottom rail of your bench using four #8 x 2" screws. Don't use glue; you want to be able to remove the rail for later adjustments or repairs. Now put the top rail and deadman in place and line them up with the bottom rail. Using screws, secure the top rail to the underside of your bench's top, or to the top rail of your bench — if you have one. Wax the grooves in the rails. The deadman should slide back and forth with minimal effort.

Now make the ledge. You could simply use a dowel. I chose to make one a little fancier. Bore a 11/4" -deep hole in one end for the 5/8" dowel and glue it in place, again making sure that when the ledge is inserted into the top hole, it lines up with the rails on your face vise. You might need to sand your dowel to fit the holes in the deadman. I used a 1/4" beading bit in a router to shape three edges of each side of the ledge. Finish your deadman to match your bench. PW

Caption the Cartoon

Illustrated by Bob Rech bobrech@juno.com

Submit your caption(s) for this issue's cartoon on a postcard to Popular Woodworking, Cartoon Caption #52,1507 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207 by February 14. Winners will be chosen by the editorial staff.

The winner will receive the new Freud FJ85 Jigsaw with Electronic Cruise Control. This variable speed, 6-amp, orbital jigsaw offers toolless blade change and the cruise control keeps the blade speed constant under different loads to provide a finer, faster cut. The runners-up each win a one-year subscription to Popular Woodworking.

"Now that's what I call 'pressure-treated wood!'"

Brett Britton, of Crossville,Alabama, is the winner of our Cartoon Contest from the August issue and recipient of a fine set of Freud router bits. The following runners-up each receive a one-year subscription to Popular Woodworking:

"I can actually see the syrup coming out of your maple bookcase."

Ryan Vogt, Urich, Missouri

"Any more clamping pressure and we'll be making diamonds!"

Larry Cramer, Brookings, South Dakota

"Hey Butch what's under those clamps? Is it alive?"

Michael Collingsworth, Centerville, Ohio

www.popwood.com I 91

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