Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 90

Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 90

Enjoyable Woodworking

Building Projects with Style, Ease, and Confidence!

Cutting-Edge Table Saw Tips & Tricks

Kenneth Burton

Realize the full potential of your table saw — and make it the most versatile tool in your shop! You'll find dozens of tricks, techniques and jigs that ensure incredible results, every time. You'll also discover practical solutions to complex and seemingly impossible woodworking situations — helpful hints that make your every minute in the woodshop more effective and more fun. #70569-K/$24.99/128 p/pb

Display Cases You Can Build

Danny Proulx

Enjoy the satisfaction of putting your woodworking projects to use right away! This book contains step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and construction plans for 10 attractive cabinets that will show off your collectibles. Whether you need a large, room-dividing wall cabinet or a wall-mounted display case, you're sure to find a project to accommodate all your treasures! #70547-K/$24.99/128 p/pb

The World's Best Storage & Shelving Projects

Editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine Straight from the pages of Popular Woodworking to you, we've hand-picked 22 of the most requested project plans. From quick and easy small pieces to large, elaborate designs, this book offers something for every woodworker. Plus, the large pictures, detailed cutting lists, and clear steps ensure successful completion of every project!

#70587-K/$24.99/128 p/pb

Design Your Own Furniture

Jim Stack

From start to finish, this comprehensive book will guide you through the entire process of furniture design! With the help of step-by-step instructions, detailed drawings, and 200 color photos, you'll learn how to create original projects that fit your specific needs. #70555-K/$24.99/128 p/pb


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The Wood Stash Project Book

Kerry Pierce

Don't throw away your leftover scraps of wood — find out how to turn them into great gifts! This book offers 18 creative projects that will make the most out of the wood surplus in your shop. #70540-K/$24.99/128 p/pb


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