Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 87

Popular Woodworking 2003-04 № 133, страница 87

ners. Follow the photos to form the top corners. Then glue and nail the caps in place.

We added a 1/4" roundover bit in a router on the top edge of the base moulding to soften the look of this chest. The base on the plywood chest is cut and attached by nailing through the 1/2" of exposed panel below. Next, glue and nail on some accent strips on the front and back of the chest to add a nice detail.

The top on the plywood chest is complicated by the need to hide the unsightly plywood edges. We took this opportunity to allow the top to lip over the case, adding another extra detail. Follow the diagrams to cut the lid moulding to size and shape, then miter, glue and nail the moulding to the plywood top piece.

Once again, the casters are attached to extend below the base. We used a continuous (or piano) hinge on this case, and had to attach it in an unusual fashion to allow the top to open smoothly. Follow the diagrams to determine the attachment location. We also

To miter the caps and allow them to successfully slip over the corner blocks, the mouldings should first be mitered to fit, then the corner block locations marked.Then it's simply some careful band-saw work. First define the cutout height (above), then use a miter gauge on the band saw to cut away the waste block (upper right). It's wise to cut short of the line and refine the fit a little at a time.This can be done with a flat file also, if your band saw isn't leaving a very clean cut line.

used a different type of lid stop that has adjustable closing tension to keep the lid from slamming closed. Follow the directions from the manufacturer to attach the lid stops. PW

Attach the base moulding by nailing it to the case from the inside as shown. I used spring clamps to hold the base moulding while nailing it in place.




Hardware from Lee Valley



2 • soft-down flap stays 00T02.10 - $18.40 each

4 • 2"-dia. casters 00W09.10 - $4.40 (pkg.of 4)

1" x 3' nickel piano hinge from local hardware store

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