Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 34

Popular Woodworking 2004-02 № 139, страница 34

Bosch 4410 10" Miter Saw: The Next Generation of Sliders

Last year Bosch introduced a 12" double-bevel sliding compound miter saw with so many handy features we were overwhelmed. However, the $700 price tag and the 12" size (not our recommendation for home woodworking) kept us from sharing the news in print. This year, Bosch took all the great features of that 12" saw and put them on a 10" model. And we couldn't be happier.

The 4410 model has all the standard items you'd expect from a professional sliding compound saw: 10 positive miter stops; 41-/8"-high x 101/8"-wide adjustable fences; a powerful 15-amp motor producing 4,600 rpm; and a 72-tooth thin-kerf carbide blade.

Then there are the new features: A "D"-shaped handle with four positions to suit every user; micro-fine miter adjustment to let you tweak your settings in tiny increments; two built-in 7" extension wings with a built-in stop on the right wing; up-front controls for dual-beveling (47° left and 46° right) and mitering adjustments; and onboard storage for all the adjustment tools.

The 4410's capacity is impressive. It will handle lOty'-tall crown moulding lying flat, a 2" x 12" board at 0° miter/45° left bevel and a 3 (4x8) board at 45° miter/0° bevel.

We found the cut to be nice and all the features are very user friendly. The micro-adjustment for the miter setting is unique in the category (and it works very well). And this miter saw is one of the very few dual-bevel sliding compound saws on the market today. The price is still pretty high ($560) and unfortunately Bosch still has some work to do to achieve efficient dust collection when using the included bag. But other than that, this is the most feature-laden high-quality miter saw available. - David Thiel For more information, circle #175 on Free Information Card.


Bosch 4410 Miter Saw Street price: $560 Motor: 15 amp Performance: ••••• Price range: $$$$$ Bosch Tools: 877-267-2499 or boschtools.com

Festool Cordless Drill is Exotic and Expensive - but Worth it

Woodworkers seem to have two philosophies when it comes to cordless drills. Either we buy whatever is on sale and throw it away in a couple years or we spend some serious money on a professional tool.

The Festool CDD 12 FX is for woodworkers who are firmly in the second category. Priced at $395 for the basic 12-volt drill, charger and two batteries, this tool is a long-term investment. But after six months of hard use in our shop, I can say that my skepticism has been replaced by a healthy respect for this pint-sized tank.

Everything about this drill oozes with quality German construction. The switches operate with authority, the body (which has survived several nasty falls) is balanced in your hand and the metal one-handed chuck seizes everything and holds on tight.

The small size of the drill (about 71/4" long x 83/4" high) allows you to get into tight places other drills won't. And with the tool's right-angle chuck installed (a $70 accessory) you

can sneak in almost anywhere - there's no need to buy a separate right-angle drill.

I found the 12V batteries and motor provide more than enough torque for a wide variety of woodworking tasks -you'll never want for power. Even during demanding drilling and driving, the tool keeps up with you because the 2 amp-hour batteries charge in just 15 minutes.

And while all that is nice, what really won me over is the way it feels while in use. Unlike any other cordless drill that has passed through our shop, this one's like an extension of my arm. For woodworkers who use their drills a lot, that's just enough reason to make them open their checkbooks a little wider. OK, a lot wider.

— Christopher Schwarz

For more information, circle #176 on Free Information Card.


Festool CDD 12 FX Street price: $395 Chuck capacity: V2" Weight: 4 pounds Speeds: low: 0 to 380 rpm;

high: 0 to 1,100 rpm Performance: ••••• Price range: $$$$$ Festool USA: 888-337-8600 or festool-usa.com

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