Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 18

Popular Woodworking 2005-02 № 146, страница 18


Some dovetail jigs promise you everything...

The Keller Dovetail System only promises what it can deliver.

Fast setup. No test cuts. Precision joinery. Unlimited widths. Classic and variable spacing. Compound, acute and obtuse angles. Curved dovetails. Box joints. Made in USA since 1976. 20-yr. warranty. 30-day money-back guarantee.

"Your best choice. It's the easiest of all the jigs to use and great for production use."

-Woodworker's Journal VIDEO: $8.95 + $2 P/H


1327 'I' Street, Dept. P15 Petaluma, CA 94952 1-800-995-2456 707-763-9336


Keller Dovetail System

Simple. Fast. Accurate. Enjoyable!


Q & A

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lightly rest the square on the cutting edge. It should touch in the middle of the iron and some light should leak in at both corners.

Then it's a matter of positioning the iron so the camber is in the center of the mouth of the plane using the lateral adjustment lever (and occasionally small taps with a hammer to the iron). And your plane tracks should be just about gone. If you still get afew, don't worry. Mastering this skill takes practice. Until you get good, simply sand with #220-grit paper or scrape the tracks away. Using the methods above they should be able to be removed withjust a couple strokes.

— Christopher Schwarz, executive editor

How Can I Remedy Drawers That Are Difficult to Open?

I have built a pyramid chest, which is basically a series of smaller and smaller boxes, sitting on top of each other. In each box is a drawer, sized to just fit the opening.

All the sliding surfaces are coated with rub-on polyurethane. The drawers slide on the sides of the case. If you pull a drawer perfectly straight out, it slides fine, but if there is just a little tilt or cross movement, they want to hang. What is the best way to lubricate the bottom slides as well as the sides of the drawers? I have read elsewhere to use candle wax or canning wax. What would you recommend and how would you apply it?

Dwayne Crider via the Internet

I use paraffin or paste wax to lubricate drawer parts. However, I add it only to make the action more smooth, never to remedy a problem.

Your problem may be that your drawers are fit too tightly in the case. You should be able to open and shut the drawers easily without wax. You might want to break out the block plane or jack plane and remove a few light shavings and see what that gains you.

— Christopher Schwarz, executive editor

Which Chisels Are Suitable For Handcutting Dovetails?

Let me start off by saying that I enjoy your publication and look forward to reading new issues. I find the magazine's content the right blend of editorial, technique and information for my intermediate level of woodworking.

I am attending the Fine Furniture program at Camosun College in Victoria, Canada. This

16 Popular Woodworking February 2005

is a 10-month, full-time study focusing on the design and construction of hand-crafted furniture. During my studies, I have become quite enthused about hand-cut dovetails and have strived to prepare elegant, clean joints with delicate pins.

My current bench chisels are the Hirsch firmers that Lee Valley sells. While I am quite happy with their performance, I find they are too stout to reach into the corners of the tail sockets without bruising the joint. I read your review on chisels and I am now considering the beveled-edge bench chisels by Ashley Iles. Would these be suitable for making traditional hand-cut dovetails?

Wes Cargill Nanaimo, British Columbia

The Ashley Iles chisels are indeed a good choice for dovetailing. I prefer the company's American-pattern chisels because they are shorter and better balanced for this finesse operation. Plus they have very small side-bevels, which is the key to cleaning out the beveled tail socket without marring your joint. (They are available from Tools for Working Wood, 800-426-4613 or toolsforworkingwood.com.)

Another good option is to purchase one or two Japanese dovetailing chisels that suit your joinery. I own a single 14 "-wide dovetail chisel and find that it is all I really need. The Japanese dovetail chisels are unique in that they are triangular in cross-section, so there are no side bevels to mar your joint.

A third option is to modify one or two of your current bench chisels to make them suitable for dovetailing. Grind the sides down to a knife edge at the tip. This takes a few minutes on a grinder and is a simple operation. PW

— Christopher Schwarz, executive editor

Unmodified firmer chisel

Sides ground to fit into

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