Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 37

Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 37

Amana Carbide Countersinks

While using screws on a woodworking project may not be fine woodworking, it happens all the time. To improve the look of those screws, a good countersink and plug cutter help a lot. To make things even easier, I prefer a combination pilot drill/countersink bit. But countersinks can dull quicker than I like. That's why we were excited to hear that Amana is now offering carbide countersinks.

The combination bits are sold either separately, or in a set as shown here with a plug cutter included. The countersinks are carbide for extended life, while the bits and plug cutter are high-speed steel.

Carbide does make a difference. These countersinks cut through the wood so efficiently that I actually had to pull back a bit to keep from drilling too deep, which is a pleasant change from pushing my old countersinks.

While a bit more expensive (pun intended), these bits cut quick and smooth the first time, and for many more times to come.

— David Thiel For more information, circle #181 on Free information Card.


Amana PS-500 Countersink Set Street price: $90

Sizes included: V8", 9/64", V32" and 11/64"

plus plug cutter Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$$$ Amana Tool: 800-445-0077 or amanatool.com

KIK Forstner Bits

Woodworkers need a good set of Forstner bits. Designed to cut clean, flat-bottomed holes, they're very handy to have in the shop. If you want a Forstner that goes a step further - look to KIK Forstners from TG Tools.

These Forstner bits are designed to cut in any direction while a standard Forstner requires fairly straight-on pressure. The nine cutting edges found on the KIK bits (as opposed to four) make this possible. In addi

tion, these bits have a thin shaft to allow boring angled or shaped channels - which is handy if you're running any through studs.

From a woodworking point of view, the bits cut fairly well (I wasn't blown away by the speed, but they did alright) and the design does provide excellent waste removal. This is a real advantage over standard Forstner bits, which clog easily. The cutting edges can be touched up with a standard file or sharpening stone. While these specialty bits aren't for everyone (the price is steep for steel bits), if you have the need, these are the bits. — DT

For more information, circle #182 on Free information Card.


KIK Forstner Bit Set Street price: $74.99

Diameters included: 3/8", V2", 5/8", 3/4", 13/16", 7/8", 1", 1V4" Materials: Steel, titanium nitride coating Performance: •••OO Price range: $$$$$

TG Tools: 800-687-4122 or mytgtools.com


i have a right-angle cordless drill and i really need it about once a month. Unfortunately, because it's used infrequently, it usually doesn't have a charged battery when i need it. Milwaukee came up with an accessory that makes more sense to me.

The Right Angle Attachment accepts V4"-hex drive accessories (for drilling or screwing) and with just the screw tip it measures only 2V2", allowing you to get into really tight places. This accessory will fit any make of corded or cordless drill and is rated up to 235 in./lbs. of torque.

The attachment is of all-metal construction and is equipped with an offset handle that can be locked in 48 different positions for the best support during use. it's always a little tricky to support the back of a right-angle drill once it's slipped into the tight work quarters, but this handle adds the extra oomph you need.

Priced between $45 and $65 (look for sales!), it's not inexpensive, but it's still less than a right-angle drill (about $150) and it never needs a charge.

The Right Angle Attachment is available from a number of catalog sales companies and a number of internet retailers including Tyler Tool Co. (item #49-228510; shop.store.yahoo.com/tylertool). For more information about this handy drill accessory for your shop, contact Milwaukee Electric Tool at 800-729-3878 or milwaukeetool.com. —DT


Performance is rated on a one-to-five scale. You won't see a low rating ("one or two") because we don't publicize inferior tools. "Five" indicates the leader in the category. Five dollar signs indicates the highest price in the category. Three indicates an average price. if you have tool questions, call me at 513-531 -2690 ext. 1255, or e-mail me at david.thiel@fwpubs.com. Or visit our web site at popularwoodworking.com to sign up for our free e-mail newsletter.

—David Thiel, senior editor



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