Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 38

Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 38

Tool Test

Dovetail Square Adds Accuracy to Marking Joints

Hand-cut dovetails can be tricky at first, so anything you can do to eliminate marking errors will improve your joints.

One of my favorite marking tools for dovetails is the Woodjoy Precision Dovetail Template. This simple and elegant layout tool allows you to mark both the straight and angled lines of a dovetail joint with one square. Switching between a try square and a sliding T-bevel to mark a dovetail joint is a royal invitation to error.

Another advantage of this all-in-one square is that it can be used to mark the angled part of the joint in both hardwoods (a 1:8 ratio) and softwoods (a 1:6). Also, the tool is sized so you can mark dovetails in stock up to 13/8" thick - that's more than I ever need (until I start building coffins I suppose). And finally, the all-metal construction makes it durable enough to live in my shop apron.

The only complaint I have about the Precision Dovetail Template is that it can shift a bit, left-to-right, as you mark out your work. This

DeWalt's New 5" Random-orbit Sander

Random-orbit sanders have made my woodworking career a much happier thing. And each year there are improvements to the basic concept that make them even better.

The newest 5" orbiter from DeWalt has beefed up the power some and improved the dampening system that keeps the sander from gouging as the grit hits the wood.

Specifically speaking, the D26453 sander has a 3-amp electronic variable-speed motor that offers between 7,000 and 12,000 orbits per minute. Comparing it to similarly priced sanders in the category, that's more oomph than most by half to one amp of power.

Testing it against the competition, the new DeWalt performed well with a decent stock-removal rate and an acceptable level of vibration reaching the users' (my) hand, but with a little more wobble than others.

DeWalt's Controlled Finishing System (CFS) is designed to control pad speed to minimize gouging on start-up. Not bad, but again it's not significantly better than some of the competition.

is a problem with all metal marking gear, but there is a way around the problem. I added a thin slice of "Super High-friction Tape" to the brass face of the working surface. This inexpensive tape ($2.50 for a 12" roll from Lee Valley Tools, 800871-8158 or leevalley.com) is peel-and-stick, durable and makes this square (and some other layout tools) hang onto the work like a bulldog while I'm marking out joints.

With the tape added, the tool is near-perfect. I hold the square on the work with my left hand and mark with a knife in my right.

In dovetailing, the ultimate goal is to get to the point where you don't need layout tools like this. But until I can dovetail with my eyes closed, I'll keep the Precision Dovetail Template handy. — CS

For more information, circle #183 on Free Information Card.

The pad is of hook-and-loop design that holds the paper well, but not as tightly as some of the competition. The eight-hole design for dust collection and the semi-rigid bag did an excellent job of keeping dust out of the air - and out of my lungs.

The DeWalt tested well for noise level (81dB), but I noticed a slight vibrating noise from the air deflection ring under the pad. Nothing bad, just an unusual noise.

Bottom line: the sander is a nice option within the category, but priced at the top. The dust collection was good and the sanding performance decent, but not obviously better




Precision Dovetail Template Street price: $25 Performance: ••••O Price range: $$$

Woodjoy Tools : 508-669-5245 or woodjoytools.com

DeWalt D26453 Sander

Street price: $89.99

Motor: 3 amp, variable speed

Pad: 5", eight-hole, hook-and-loop

Orbit: 3/32" dia., 7,000-12,000 orbits/min.

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Performance: •••OO

Price range: $$$$$

DeWalt: 800-433-9258 or dewalt.com

in light of the larger motor. The comfort level was also good, including the well-styled body that easily accommodates gripping the top or around the neck. PW — DT

For more information, circle #184 on Free Information Card.


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