Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 4

The C12 Cordless Drill

Lightweight & ergonomic -for easy one-hand use

Centrotec quick-change chuck - light, compact, fast and easy

Takes FastFix' eccentric and right angle chucks

Lose Those Unwanted Pounds

The C12 is so unique that we're trying to come up with a new tool name for it. Yes, it's a cordless drill, but because it's the lightest 12v by a full pound, is ounce for ounce the most powerful tool in its class, has the world's first brushless motor, AND takes Festool right angle, eccentric and quick-bit change Centrotec chucks, the C12 is truly in a category by itself. Ideal for installers, assemblers and those who'd like to lose a little weight.

LIGHTWEIGHT. At a pound lighter that its competitors, you lift 200 lbs less in a typical day without sacrificing staying power.

LONG LIFE. The new EC-TEC motor is brushless, for less wear. In tests, the C12 goes beyond 1 million screwdrivings.

COMPACTNESS. Innovative shape lets you work almost anywhere.

Call us or go online to find out more.

EC-TEC-Motor is brushless and wear-resistant for extra long tool life

Various battery types and packages available

Ask about our free DVD or CD-ROM with exclusive offer!

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