Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 5

Popular Woodworking 2005-11 № 151, страница 5

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18 Are Dados a Good Casework Joint?


Dados alone stink. Learn several good ways to reinforce this popular joint. Plus, choose grits wisely when power sanding plywood and buy the best mortising chisels.

22 Lamp Caddy a Brilliant Idea

tricks of the trade

Build a cheap, adjustable and portable light pedestal for benchtop work. Plus, a better way to light your whole shop, a trick to measure circumference and many more.

34 Ray Iles Mortising Chisels

tool test

New traditional English mortising chisels will make you think twice before firing up your power mortiser. Plus, Amana's better countersinks and new KIK Forstner bits.

38 Jet 14" Band Saw

endurance test

Manufacturers love to offer extra features on band saws. But getting the machine's basics right is most important and that's why Jet's band saw is a mainstay.

40 The Plane My Brother Is

arts & mysteries

Years ago cabinetmakers frequently used the broad hatchet when preparing stock. Here's how and why you should incorporate this chopper into your modern shop. by Adam Cherubini

92 A School Built to Thrive and Last

great woodshops

Peter Korn has created a non-profit woodworking institution in Maine with a focus on student creativity. by Scott Gibson

100 Building Glazed Doors

power-tool joinery

Most cope-and-stick bits can produce frames that will house glass as well as wood panels. Here's how to do it. by Bill Hylton



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