Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 83

Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 83

Tool Test

Milwaukee's V28 System: Nearly Corded

Who needs 28 volts of power? Me - especially if it's sized like an 18 volt and will let me use a cordless circular saw that feels like a corded saw!

The Milwaukee V28, lithium-ion-powered system is revolutionary. Milwaukee set out to make a more powerful tool without a significant increase in weight - and the company succeeded. While even an 18v drill is larger and heavier than what I want to use all day long in my shop, the power and run time made possible with this technology makes sense.

One of the benefits of the lithium ion batteries is that they run the tool right up to the end of the battery's charge. One second you're sinking screws at full speed, the next second the battery is out. It runs 'til it's done.

I had the opportunity to use the V28 drill extensively during our 14.4v drill test (see page 70). Sinking the lag screws was the responsibility of the tools being tested. Taking the screws out of the boards was the job of the V28. I removed nearly 2,500 lV^'-long lag screws on three charges and had constant,

high-torque power the entire time. The drill also offers a hammer drill function that takes a flick of a switch to engage.

While the run time on the drill is impressive, I think this system and the battery technology really shines with the circular saw. Cordless circ saws have always been underpowered and thus sacrifice depth of cut for more power. The V28 circular saw offers a 61/2"-diameter blade with a 21/8" depth of cut at 90°. Even better, it really feels like a corded tool. When you make a cut, the blade doesn't slow as you enter the cut and the torque stays high through the entire cut. Very nice.

The tools are sold in a kit that includes the two batteries, a one-hour charger, drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and flashlight. The tools can also be purchased individually for approximately $400 each, so the kit offers substantial savings.

This battery technology is great and we're anxious to see what other tools or voltages will soon benefit from it. — David Thiel

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Milwaukee V28 System Street price: H7085 kit, $729.95 Hammer drill: H7082, $419.95 Circular saw: H7084, $419.95 Sawzall: H7081, $419.95 Impact wrench: H7086, $479.95 Performance: ••••• Price range: $$$$$ Milwaukee: 800-729-3878 or milwaukeetool.com

Lap-Sharp Sharpening System: Quality at a Price

Getting the hang of sharpening is not an easy task for the amateur woodworker. The Lap-Sharp addresses this by offering a simple powered system that will take you from grinding to polishing. The machine is extremely well made, with a foot-switch-controlled-gear drive motor and a selection of color-coded flat aluminum discs that hold various pressure-sensitive abrasives. The selection of abrasives included is well suited to sharpening and polishing most edge tools.

Using the Lap-Sharp is straightforward. The backs of chisels and plane irons are placed on the flat platter, then the foot switch is used to turn on the machine. This is a lot easier than trying to come in for a landing on a moving disc or grinding wheel. A tool guide is included for sharpening bevels, and a jig for planer and jointer knives is available as an optional accessory.

I found the Lap-Sharp very effective for flattening backs and squaring the edges of card scrapers. Some skill is required to effectively hone a bevel. As the outside of the disc

is moving slightly faster than the inside, you need to develop the right touch to obtain an even edge. Because material is removed rather quickly, you can go a little too far with the finer grits, making it necessary to go back a step or two as you learn to use the sharpener.

Most of the abrasives need water as a lubricant, provided by a light misting of the surface with the included spray bottle. This can get messy if you're not careful. While the machine itself is rock solid, the abrasives do wear out and need to be regularly replaced. Like the machine itself, these aren't cheap so there will be significant ongoing expenses. In all, this is a solid, well-made machine that does what it was designed to do. If this approach to sharpening appeals to you, you won't be disappointed. — Robert W. Lang

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Lap-Sharp LS-200 Street price: $595 Performance: ••••o Price range: $$$$$ Wood Artistry: 707-838-1976 or woodartistry.com


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