Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 89

Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 89

At the Lathe

Two Holiday Turning Projects

Turn spindle and hollow-globe ornaments using a waste block mount.

For woodturners, the nip of autumn in the

air usually triggers thoughts of holiday projects. Here are two ornaments you may enjoy making. A simple spindle or "icicle" ornament provides the opportunity to practice technique and design while producing gifts in quantity, should that be your goal. The more complex hollow-globe ornament is slightly more challenging. It would be nice as a special gift or to keep and pass down in your own family.

Spindle Ornament

Prepare and mount the workpiece as described in the story "Waste Block Mount" on page 91. Using a small spindle gouge, begin shaping the ornament. The possibilities here are endless. In general, I find shapes that vary greatly in diameter from one part of the spindle to another are pleasing to the eye. Many people make very angular shapes on spindle ornaments, but I like full, round shapes. Pay attention to transitions; the different parts must relate to one another in some way. And as always, curves must be smooth; make sure there are no bumps or dip s in them so the ornament will look finished and harmonious.

When you have a pleasing shape roughed out, begin to refine the surface. Once you have the shape you like cleanly turned, turn the left end close to the axis but don't part off yet; leave about 1/4" diameter. Turn the right end very close to the axis, again not quite parting it off. This leaves enough support to sand and finish without breaking the piece off.

You should, however, still sand and finish gently, minimizing the lateral pressure on the piece. Then part off the right end, sand and finish the tip. Part the workpiece off at the headstock. Then sand and polish the top,

A spindle ornament is the perfect gift for all your family and friends. They can easily be turned in quantity. The more complex hollow-globe ornament is a special gift someone will always treasure.

install a tiny eye screw and ribbon, and the ornament is complete.

Hollow-globe Ornament

This ornament is turned in three parts (four, if you turn the globe in two pieces as I have here, instead of one), which are then glued together to complete the piece. Many people turn this type of ornament by hollow-turning the globe in one piece. For this article, I am hollowing the globe by dividing it into two pieces and excavating each one separately. I've chosen this technique because, in spite of requiring two mountings, it's somewhat

by Judy Ditmer

Judy, author of two turning books and many articles,

has been turning since 1985. She teaches and demonstrates her skills throughout the United States and Canada.

easier, especially for relative beginners; and because when I started out to make these, I couldn't find the bent-tip hollowing tool I thought I had somewhere.

Start by making the globe. Use a piece of wood about 3" to 4" square by 4" to 5" long. Turn it between centers to the shape of a cylinder, then cut a tapered tenon on each end. Part almost into the center in the middle of the piece, remove it from the lathe and cut it apart on the band saw. Mount the first half in a waste block as described in "Waste Block Mount." Shorter pieces are especially prone to being twisted from your hand during my "burn fit" procedure, so you may wish to hold the piece in Channellock pliers or fit it without the lathe turned on.

Cut a straight shoulder on the end of the piece and rough in the outside shape. Using the tailstock to mount a drill bit, drill a Vz"-continued on page 94


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