Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 94

Popular Woodworking 2005-12 № 152, страница 94

Mount the first half of the globe stock. Cut a straight shoulder on the end, Drill a V2"-diameter hole all the way through the workpiece into the waste and rough in the shape of the ball. block.

Hollow out the interior with a spindle gouge.

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Here I have mounted the second half, cut a Glue the halves together and complete recess to fit the first half, and hollowed out the exterior; sand, finish and part off. the interior.

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Mount and turn the long (lower) spindle. This is just like turning the icicle Make a wide, undercut flange and a V2"-diameter tenon at one end. ornament; see those instructions for more detail.

When sanded, finished and parted off at the nar row end, part it off at the end of the tenon.

Make the short (top) spindle or finial.

For any of the spindles, after hand-sanding the end you parted off (unless it will be hidden in the finished piece), use a buffing wheel to complete the fi nishing. PW

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