Popular Woodworking 2006-02 № 153, страница 72

Popular Woodworking 2006-02 № 153, страница 72



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The Centre Family Dwelling (at top right of the picture above) is made of handcut limestone blocks, each one quarried, transported and hoisted into place by the Shakers. The gravel road above was once the turnpike connecting Pleasant Hill with the outside world. It now runs through the middle of the restored Shaker community at Pleasant Hill, Ky.

Patterns Familiar and Odd

When the Shakers stripped surface ornamentation from period furniture, they drew our attention to the forms underlying that ornamentation.

Instead of carving and veneering, we see the height and width of chests and cupboards. We see the

This stately cupboard-on-chest - poised on its dainty tiptoes - presents a style of drawer graduation with which we are very comfortable, having its largest drawer at the bottom and its smallest drawer at the top.

The drawers of this cupboard-over-chest are graduated in what we might see as reverse order, with the smallest drawer at the bottom and the largest drawer at the top. What was the purpose for this arrangement?

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