Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 39

Popular Woodworking 2007-12 № 166, страница 39
JET JPS-10TS Hybrid Table Saw

The two most important parts of a table saw are its rip fence and its motor. These two components are responsible for making the table saw what it is today: An awesome ripping and joint-cutting machine.

This year we tested hybrid table saws and brought in examples of all the major brands; we had Contributing Editor Troy Sexton go over the saws in detail. Now Troy is hard to impress. He has nice professional machines and knows his stuff. So when Troy freaked out about the Jet model, we knew that something was up. After we started using the Jet's rip fence, we knew exactly what Troy was talking about. The fence slides over the tabletop like it's an air hockey game. You actually have to be careful to make sure the fence doesn't hit the blade sometimes. Add to that the fact that you can adjust the rip fence in all three axes and add jigs to the aluminum faces via T-slots, you might understand why it garnered an "Editor's Choice" award and now also earns a "Best New Tool" award.

So how did the Jet do when it came to raw power? Very well. If you're in the market for a hybrid table saw, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better, especially for the price (about $750).

MILWAUKEE 5616-24 Two-base Router

The Milwaukee BodyGrip fixed-base router has been a shop favorite since the day it was introduced. It's stout, accurate and easy to adjust. But Milwaukee didn't have a plunge router to go with it, or even a second plunge base for the BodyGrip's motor.

But in 2007 Milwaukee introduced a plunge base that is worthy of the BodyGrip's reputation. Hands down, the Milwaukee is our favorite two-base router kit. Compared to its competitors, we found that the Milwaukee vibrated the least and had the smoothest plunging operation. The controls are right where you want them. It has power in spades. Switching between the two bases is easy and (more important) this router is the easiest when it comes to changing bits - something you do every day. The only thing we'd change on this outstanding tool is to substitute a base with a square shape instead of a round one. But that's something you can easily do with a piece of scrap plastic or thin plywood.

Milwaukee ■ 800-729-3878 or


FULLPRO SoundVision

Combining ear muffs and eye protection has always been a problem in the workshop. The two safety devices just don't play well together. Now FullPro has used the power of Velcro to fix the problem. Put on the muffs, then attach the eye protection to the muffs using the Velcro straps. It's easy and comfortable. Even after six months of testing, we still like the SoundVision FullPro Protective Gear and use it any time we crank up the big machines.


FullPro ■ 888-873-8557 or fullpro.com

LIE-NIELSEN Large Router Plane

The Lie-Nielsen Large Router Plane might look like the old Stanley No. 71 it's based on, but the Lie-Nielsen is worlds better. It's easier to adj ust the cutter and infinitely better when you want to set the tool's depth stop. Plus, as always, the manufacturing quality of the tool is first-rate.

Router planes are great tools for adjusting your joinery, especially dados, tenon cheeks and hinge mortises. Buy one, and you'll be amazed by how many tasks this tool can make easier.

Lie-Nielsen ■ 800-729-3878 or lie-nielsen.com

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