Popular Woodworking 2008-10 № 171, страница 48

Popular Woodworking 2008-10 № 171, страница 48

prolonged use would become uncomfortable. The Bosch ROS20SVK that measures l7hm came in aclose second tothc Festool sander for smallest width, while I he new low-profi Ic Por-ter-Cablc 390 sander has the widest grip. The topof this tool measures 3'A" wide. The next widest grip is on the Craftsman sander.

Interestingly, wc discovered that width across the top is not the sole determiner of comfort. Incxaminingthesanders.it wasthe Milwaukee that stood out. The dust collection assembly turns slightly as it extends from the body of the sander. That bit of a twist caused the sander to poke some of us in the midsection while sanding (of course it depends on how you hold the sander).

Make the Switch

Most manufacturers have designed the sand-ers to turn on or off with a single finger via a rocker-style switch. All the tested sanders that utilize that switch have the control located at the front, top edge of the sander. There it's easily reached with your index finger.

Of all the sanders. only the Ridgid R2600 and the Craftsman 11218 use a switch that slides through the body. Until you get used to working with a switch like these, it's possible to accidentally turn the sander on or off while repositioning your grip. After a while.













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8'-0" 12-3"

A slight turn. The Milwaukee sander » dust coHec tton bag has a bit ofa turn as it meets the tool's body. It was just enough to cause me to adfust my stance and M uncomfortable.

it becomes a non-issue. Also, smalkr hands may have difficulty in reaching the switch without engaging a second hand.

One sander stepped beyond either of the two conventional switch designs. Hitachi uses a slide switch located like those with rocker-styk switches. I kwever. this switch is hard to use because it's small, stiff and slightly rccessed into the tools body.

Anothcrcunccm whcncvahialingswitchcs is whet hcrthc switch is sealed fromdust exposure. Moundsof dust arecreatcd when sanding, and the more dust that gets into the switch, the kss likely the switch will endure

The DeWak. Bosch and M ihvaukee sanders haw switches with a protective membrane, linginccrsat Porter-Cable thought the membrane resulted in makingthc switch difficult to use. so they opted for an internally sealed switch. Hitachialso uses aninternally sealed switch. However, to the untrained eye these switches appear to be of an open design.

Sand With Control

Control isdetermined by how the sandcropcr-atcs. The last thing you want is to have a tool be wobbly, grabby or jumpy. What can cause sanders to perform these unwanted moves? Some of the answer is in the orbit diameter and how aggressiveihc sander is. asdiscusscd above. Other factors are inside the tool itself and can relate to the motor and gearing

The smoothest in thiscategory by far is the Festod. But if you study the chart youll see the Festool sander has the smalkst orbit diameter and it is the least aggressive in the group. According to Festool Product Manager Rick Bush. Festool designed the ETS125 sander to

Ditfault switch. The Hitachi switch isposi-ttoned front and center of the tool 's top. but that good location coukfn f offset the negathvs of the small size and the harder-than normal operation.

bcafinishsandcr-asandcr for smoothing.! surface beyond #180- or «220-grit sanding. The company considers this sander to be a final step in sandingand polishing

Behind Festool wc selected the Ridgid R2600whcncvahianngcomfort. Thissander has a larger orbit diameter and aggressively removes stock. There is no wobbling, so the sanding is very smooth.

Other sanders rated in the top five for smooth operation arc the DcWalt. Milwaukee and Hitachi.

The Craftsman and Bosch sandcrsarc the most difficult tocontrol. Wc could expect that from the Craftsman due to the large orbit diameter, but wc were a bit surprised at the Bosch. The ROS20VSK was morethan wobbly -almost to the point of feeling unbalanced.

Small Attributes Add Up Your purchase might be swayed by the link things. Doesa longcrcord kngth. lowerdeci-bel rating or overall tool weight enter into your equal ion? Use the information in the chart to rcach a verdict.

The editor schoke isthc Ridgid R2600. Wc like the smoothness of control when sanding and stock removal ranked in the top three. Dust collection is more than adequate and the dust receptacleisthreadedontothe tool. And the price, although not the least expensive at S69.97. is just more than the lowest price of all the sandcrstesicd. PW

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