Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 26

Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 26

the gauged line. Follow this line with your saw. woekingcarcfullyio leave the interlock groove at its full width rather than letting the saw slip into the groove.

Lay out the dovetails using t he diagonal rule method, posilioningthe rule to end at the centcrlinesof the spaces lor the ending half-pins. Here, marks made every I '/j* along the rule divide the dovetailed pan of the skirt into three equal parts.

Measure out the width of the pin-spaces from the ccntcrlincsand draw the slopes down to the edge, guided by your bevel gauge. Notethai the spaces of the half-pins arc just as wide asthoscforthctwofull pins - they arc "half" only in the sense of having a slope on but one cheek.

Stand the piece upright in the vise and carry these lincssquarc acrosstheend grain. Saw just the cheeks of the dovetails.

Remove thisuil piece from the vise and stand the pin piece in its place, portioning iisend (lush with a plane laid on Us side. Slide the plane hack and set the tail piece spanning the two. carefully aligning the mark of the cullinggjugeon the tail piece with the inside edge ofthc pin piece. Hold cvnyihlngMcady as you draw the dovetail saw hack through each kerf, transferring the cut lines to the end grain of the pin piece.

Square the transferred lines down the face of the pin Kurd lot he gauged line. The socket that housesthe groove for the bottom

No knife needed. lJu> ynur rSmit.it! <

don't wain to plow j groove.

36 ■ IVpuUr WvxJ-wtlr* Hint 2004

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