Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 47

Popular Woodworking 2009-06 № 176, страница 47

comfortable as the Lie-Nielsen or an old Stanley. Ihc front knob is also bigger

The Wood River plane from Woodcraft ($10)99) is like the Bdrgin sire and shape, but it hasadiftereni lever capand rear tote. The Wood River's tote is much more comfortable than the BOrg's.

As far as setting up the tools, the high carbon-steel cutters in both tools were easy to set up. It took 20 minutes to polish the unbevcled face of the BOrgand 28 minutes to do the same for t he Wood River

Thechipbreakersofthe BOrgand Wood Rivrr both mated tightly lo their iron*, hut

both were ground out of square. That's not a deal-killer, but youl I eit her have to correct it at the grinder or fiddle some more whin you set upthechipbreaker.

After I got the iron assembly sorted. I had todo some fritlingof the body casting* Overall the castings looked highly linish.*d and well-cast, but there were some details that had to be tended to in order for tie planes to perform well.

The mout h of i Ik BOrg was rough, especially at the rear of the mouth where the frog's bed meets the mouth. 1 had to file the rear of the mouth to smooth the rough nessand

remove a metal burr The mouth of I he Wood River plane was fine, but the frog tended to slip when tightened - so much so that one


What's the difference between gray iron, due tile iron and cast steel? Using a hammer jnd an anvil, vvv show you the difference in a free online video:



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