Popular Woodworking 2009-11 № 179, страница 4

Popular Woodworking 2009-11 № 179, страница 4


On the Web Site The Workbench Page

Read about Editor Christopher Schwarz's "Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use" and download free SketchUp plans for three classic benches: the Holtzapffel Cabinetmaker's Workbench, the English Nicholson Workbench and the French Roubo Workbench (on which we've based our new model in this issue). popularwoodworking.com/workbenches


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4 ■ Popular Woodworking November 2009

Video Gallery Turn a Chisel Handle

Watch Kevin Glen Drake turn a custom chisel handle in just minutes in this free video. (And read his story on the benefits of owning a lathe in this issue on page 42.) popularwoodworking.com/video

Take a Tour of our New LVL Workbench

Watch how easily and quickly our new LVL workbench breaks down (and goes back together) and take a close look at the various workholding accessories and how they work. Plus, check out Senior Editor Glen D. Huey's video on how to drill dog holes using a 3/4" upcut spiral router bit, plunge router and simple (and cheap!) plywood jig. popularwoodworking.com/video


Computer Desk

This computer desk (featured on page 58 in this issue) is a streamlined design that easily knocks down for moving - perfect for dorm rooms. You can find a free SketchUp model here:


LVL Workbench

Download a free SketchUp model of this new bench to make it easier to build your own version. in SketchUp, you can take the bench apart to see how the joinery works and make custom modifications to the plans - before ever putting blade to wood. popularwoodworking.com/nov09

And More!

Visit popularwoodworking.com/nov09 to find a complete list of all the online resources for this issue - including videos, additional drawings and photos.

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