Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 34

Popular Woodworking 2009-12 № 180, страница 34

Split tenon. A "-wide tenon is too big, so I split it using a coping saw then chiseled out the remainder of the waste.

Stiff Lips

With the sides done, I cut the bottom and middle shelves to size (note that the widths are different; the bottom shelf has no lip), and glued a 1V2"-wide lip across the front edge of the middle shelf, leaving just better than V4" of the shelf's front edge uncovered at each end to slip into the dados.

After the glue dried and I sanded the lip Hush, I ran a bead of glue in each side-panel dado, set the fixed shelves in place Hush with the front edge of the side, clamped across, then toenailed the fixed shelves in place. Be careful with the angle of your nail gun and the length of your nails. I blew through the side once. OK, maybe three times.

While that glue-up dried, I added lips to the three adjustable shelves, keeping them just shy of either end to make shelf adjustment easier (the face frame covers the shelf ends, so the gap won't show).

Next, I added the face frame, and got a little help clamping it up square - there was simply no way for me to reach corner to corner to pull things into place without assistance. Then, I pocket-screwed a rail at the top edge to which I later attached the backboards.

Topping Things Off

I cut the upper- and lower-case tops to size, and rounded over the edges with #80-grit sandpaper until I liked the way it looked, then progressed through grits to #180 until the shaped edge was smooth.

The lower-case top is attached with L-shaped wood buttons, and has a 1" overhang on the front and at each side; the uppercase top (to which the crown attaches) has a 27/8" overhang on the front and either side. It's screwed to the back rail, sides and face frame.

Framed. The pocket-screwed web frame was glued into the side panel grooves and squared up before I tightened down the clamps.

More jigs. Again faced with secure workholding problems at the table saw, I used a handscrew attached to the sliding table to support one end, and an stepoff block at the other to safely locate the groove for the bottom fixed shelf.

Toenails. Be sure you have nails in your gun - or if it's loaded with nails, make sure you angle your shots enough so that you don't blow through the sides. Or keep the nippers handy.

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