15 - Sliding Table, страница 31

15 - Sliding Table, страница 31



ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering some of the hardware and supplies needed for the projects in this issue. We've also put together a list of other mail order sources that have the same or similar hardware and supplies.


Cutting precision circles is easy with the Band Saw Jig shown on page 4. A built-in measuring tape and indicator allow you to quickly and accurately set up the jig to cut almost any size circle.

ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering a hardware kit for the Band Saw Circle Jig. The kit has all the hardware you'll need, including the measuring tape and Plexiglas strips (you'll need to cut them to length). All you need to 'supply is 3/4" plywood and V2" and % "-thick hardwood. S15-6815-100 Band Saw Circle Jig Kit............................$8.95


The Sliding Table shown on page 16 allows you to accurately cut wide panels on the table saw. Just set the panel on the table and position it up against the fence (you can also build the Optional

Fence described below). Then simply slide it forward to make the cut. Note: The Sliding Table replaces the left extension wing on your table saw.

ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering a complete hardware kit for the Sliding Table. All that you have to supply is 3/4M-thick hardwood and plywood, and the plastic laminate. S15-6815-200 Sliding Table Hardware Kit...................$11.95

▲ You can add an adjustable stop to the Sliding Table by building the optional fence shown above.


By adding a stop to the fence on the sliding table, you can increase your accuracy whenever you

make a cut. You can replace the simple fence shown in the Sliding Table article with the Miter Gauge Fence shown in Shop-Notes No. 14, see photo.

ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering a hardware kit for this fence. This kit includes all of the hardware you'll need, including the measuring tape and indicator. S15-6814-100 Miter Gauge Fence Kit..........................$17.95


To help reduce heat build-up on your sanding belts, you can replace the platen with one made from graphite. They're available at some woodworking stores. But if you can't find them locally, see the sources listed below.


The article on epoxy (shown on page 14) provides an in-depth look at using epoxy systems in the shop. An epoxy system consists of a resin and hardener. Plus a variety of fillers or additives.

You may be able to find these at some woodworking stores and home outlets. If you can't, they can be ordered from some of the mail order sources listed below.


Similar hardware and supplies may be found in the following catalogs. Please call each company for a catalog or for ordering information.


800-225-1153 G-2 Epoxy Woodworkers' Store 800-279-4441 G-2 Epoxy Woodworker's Supply 800-645-9292 Graphite Platen

Constantino's Systems Three

800-223-8087 800-333-5514

G-2 Epoxy Epoxy Systems Jamestown Distributors Trendlines

800-423-0030 800-767-9999

Epoxy Systems Graphite Platen

Garrett Wade West Systems

800-221-2942 517-684-6881

G-2 Epoxy Epoxy Systems



To order by mail, use the order form that comes with the current issue. The order form includes information on handling and shipping charges, and sales tax.

If the mail order form is not available, please call the toll free number at the right for more information on specific charges and any applicable sales tax.


For fastest service use our Toll Free order line. Open Monday through Fridav, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CentralTime.

Before calling, have your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready.


Note: Prices subject to change after July 1,1994.

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