19 - Clamp Storage System, страница 25

19 - Clamp Storage System, страница 25


At this point, you can either mount the pegboard rack to the wall and start building the clamp hangers. Or if you have pipe clamps or large bar clamps, build the rack below and mount it to the frame before attaching it to the wall.


The pipe clamp rack is designed to hold pipe clamps and large bar clamps. It consists of three parts: a support base that keeps the clamps up off the floor, and two cradles that separate the clamps, see Fig. 2.

support base. I started building the pipe clamp rack by cutting the support base (E) from "two-by" material, see Fig. 2.

To provide a "pocket" for the end of each clamp to rest in, lay out and drill a series of holes in the base, see Fig. 2. Note: In order for the clamps to lean into the cradles, I drilled these holes at a 5° angle, see Fig. 2a.

Now you can complete the base by routing a chamfer on all the exposed edges and the rim of each hole, see Fig. 2.

cradles. To build the cradles (F), start by cutting two pieces of "two-by" lumber to size. The easiest way to make sure the slots align in both cradles is to carpet tape them together before drilling the holes.

Then remove the waste with a sabre saw or band saw. And chamfer all the exposed edges.

mount rack. Unlike the other hangers, the pipe clamp rack is screwed to the pegboard and frame. This helps distribute the weight of the clamps.

And by mounting the support base at the bottom, the weight from the pipe clamps will be transferred directly to the floor.

Now the pegboard frame can be mounted to the wall with the pipe clamp support base resting directly on the floor.

To "lock" your pipe clamps in place, add a simple turnbuckle.

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