25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 18

25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 18



An Allen wrench is all that's needed to adjust these heavy-duty levelers and raise the cabinet off its casters.

Besides supporting the top of the cabinet, the base houses the dust bin and storage drawer.

side assemblies. The base starts out as two side assemblies. These are "two-by" wood frames and 3/4"-thick MDF panels that are held together with stub tenon and groove joints, see Fig. 1.

Each frame consists of two stiles (A), and an upper (B) and lower side rail (C). To accept the stub tenons on the rails and a tongue on the panel (cut later), there's a

groove cut in each piece, see Fig. lb. What's unusual here is these grooves are cut off-center.

That's because the panels that form the sides (D) of the cabinet are rabbeted on all four edges to form a tongue, see Fig. lc. Fitting this tongue into the groove centers the side in the frame.

Before gluing up the side assemblies, you'll need to cut stub tenons on the ends of the side rails, see Fig. la. And two dadoes and a rabbet cut in each stile will

accept a set of rails that holds the side assemblies together.

rails. Besides adding rigidity, the front/back rails (E) form the openings for the dust bin and storage drawer. Although they're identical in size, the top inside edge of each middle rail is rabbeted for a dust shelf, see Fig. Id. Then the rails are screwed in place.

dust shelf. The dust shelf keeps dust from filtering into the storage drawer. In addition to the middle rails, it's supported on the sides by two cleats (F) that are also rabbeted on the top inside edge, see Figs. 2 and 2a. After gluing and screwing the cleats in place, cut a Masonite dust shelf (G) to fit. And glue it into the rabbets.

back. The back of the cabinet is also enclosed with pieces of Masonite. After routing a rabbet around the openings in back, just cut an upper (H) and lower back panel (I) to fit and glue and screw them in place, see Figs. 3 and 3a.

casters. To make the cabinet, easy to roll around, I added a set of heavy-duty casters. But first, to provide a large mounting sur-



19" cleat

(11/z" x V/z" - 15")




No. 25

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