25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 3

25 - Special Table Saw Issue, страница 3



Projects & Techniques

Table Saw Knee Switch_

With this knee-operated switch, you'll never again have to grope blindly for the power switch on your saw.

Table Saw Tune-up_6

A finely-tuned table saw not only does a better job of cutting wood. It's safer and more enjoyable to use too.

Utility Ladder_ 10

Here's a folding step ladder that won't wobble, is strong enough for two people, and has a tray for holding tools.

Angled Dadoes_ 12

Cut perfectly-aligned angled dadoes on the table saw using our simple technique and a shop-made jig.

Table Saw Cabinet__16

Extra Storage. A bin to collect dust. And an outfeed support. Three reasons to build this sturdy saw cabinet.


The Small Shop

Lighting in the Shop_ 22

Practical solutions for shedding light in your shop.

Great Tips

Hardware Tips_ 14

A collection of five trouble-free tips to make your next hardware installation go quickly and easily

Selecting Tools

Combination Blades_ 24

Looking for the best saw blade? Our three-man team tests six combination blades and two general-purpose blades.

Readers' Tips

Shop Solutions__ 28

Five of our readers offer their own shop-tested solutions to everyday woodworking problems.

Finish Room

Rubbing out a Finish_ 30

The secret to a perfect finish isn't how you apply it. It's what you do after the finish dries.


Specialty Plywoods_ 31

Three unique plywood products for special projects.

Knee Switch J+

Table Saiv Cabinet 16

Combination Blades 2J±

Utility Ladder

No. 25



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