39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 16

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 16

Storage that moves. That's the idea behind this modular wall storage system.

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Awhile back I stopped by to visit Kent, one of our project designers. He was working in his garage on what looked like a jungle gym for his kids.

Fastened along one wall was a number of vertical 2x4 studs with horizontal rows of metal pipe (conduit) stretching between them. Kent said it was only half done, and I should come back in a couple of weeks.

When I returned, I expected to find his kids climbing all over their new jungle gym. Instead, I

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k It's easy to hang each storage unit exactly where you want on the grid (left). The secret is a set of hanging brackets attached to the back of each unit that fit securely over the metal conduit (right).

found a complete shop hanging from the wall.

The first thing I noticed was a handy work table with a framed pegboard panel hanging above it, see photo above. Next to these, a row of individual storage units held his portable power tools.

To create more storage, Kent added a number of wide shelves and a large tool cabinet. There was even a small case filled with pull-out bins to organize small pieces of hardware.

hanging brackets. But the most interesting-thing about these storage units is they're not permanently attached. Instead, each one has a set of shop-made brackets that hang on the conduit, see photos at left.

movable. The nice thing about this is if your storage needs change, you simply remove one of the storage units and hang it somewhere else. Or, you can rearrange the entire storage system altogether.

customized storage. Another thing I like about these modular units is they make it easy to customize your own storage system. For example, you may want to build a whole wall full of shelves. Or if you have a lot of tools, you might need two cabinets. You might even want to add a storage system to other areas in the house, refer to back cover.



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