39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 31

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 31

^^ ShopNotes Project Supplies 'is offering some of the hardware and supplies needed to build

the projects in this issue. We've also put together a list of other mail-order sources that have similar hardware and, supplies.

Rare-Earth \

Magnet ► —

We used a small, ^—r but very strong magnet in the Marking Knife (page 14) called a "rare-earth" magnet. To really appreciate the strength of this magnet, you almost need to see (and feel) it tug the cap out of your hand and over the blade.

These magnets are nickel-plated, and the edges are rounded slightly to prevent chipping. We used W'-dia. magnets, but they're also available in V4" and %"-dia. sizes, see margin.

Selected Guide to Our Best Shop-Made Storage Projects These handy, shop-built storage projects will help you get the most efficient use from the space that's available in your workshop or garage.

A Fold-Down Work Center

To take up a minimal amount of space, this Fold-Down Work Center mounts to a wall. Tool boards, drawers, and shelves provide built-in storage. And the front of the case folds down to create a stable work surface. We're offering a complete hard-^fcvare kit to build the Work Center. '^ShopNotes No. 14 is also included.

FOLD-DOWN WORK CENTER KIT 6814-300...................$46.95

ROLL-AROUND SHOP CART KIT 6805-225...................$69.95

A Lumber Storage Rack

This Lumber Storage Rack has several rows of iron pipe to provide storage for long boards. And there's a bin for storing sheets of plywood.

A hardware kit (with plans provided m. ShopNotes No. 17) is available to build the Lumber Rack. It includes all the hardware you need except the iron pipe.

LUMBER STORAGE MACK KIT 6817-225...................$17.95




Japan Woodworker


Kebiki Blades

Lee Valley & Veritas 800-871-8158

Rare-Earth Magnets

Woodcraft 800-225-1153

Rare-Earth Magnets

Laminated Keblkl Blades

The Marking Knife shown on page 14 uses a high quality blade that's typically used in a Japanese marking gauge called a kebiki. Made of laminated white steel, these blades are hand forged and carefully tempered to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 64, so they hold a fine, sharp edge.

The blade we used has a single, pre-sharpened bevel. It's wide and 2V2" long, but the blades are also available in V4", %", and V2'1 widths. For a mailorder source of kebiki blades, refer to the margin at right.

Modular Wall Storages

The Modular Wall Storage System featured on page 16 has a number of individual storage units to help organize your tools and supplies. Each storage unit hangs from a grid that's attached securely to the wall.

The grid and storage units are made from materials found easily at most home centers. We used "two-by" material (Douglas fir) and V2" electrical conduit for the grid. And 3/4m plywood (birch), W hardboard, and thin strips of hardwood are all you need to build the storage units.


A Shop Cart

With its pull-out trays and pegboard panels, there's plenty of storage inside and out in this Roll-Around Shop Cart.

ShopNotes Project Supplies is offering a kit that has all the hardware needed to build the Shop Cart. ShopNotes No, 5 is also included to provide step-by-step plans.

No. 39



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