39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 29

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 29


Palm Sander

"I don't know about you, but I think self-adhesive sandpaper is the greatest thing to come along since sliced bread.

That's why I incorporated two compartments in this storage unit to hold rolls of this "sticky-back" sandpaper, see photo. (The actual inspiration came along one clay in the bathroom, but more about that later). To keep dust from contaminating the adhesive backing, I added a door in front.

This storage unit is similar to the one for the router. The sides (R) are rabbeted to accept a top (S), see Fig. 6. And the shelf (T) fits in a dado in each side.

But the difference here is how the bottom (U) fits into the sides. To allow the door to fit flush in

front, the bottom isn't as deep (wide) as the sides.

If you cut rabbets for the bottom, they'd be exposed at the front of the cabinet. So these pieces are assembled with simple butt joints.

Before assembling the unit, there's a bit of work that needs to be done on the compartments that hold the sandpaper.

sandpaper storage. The compartments are formed by a small divider (V), see Fig. 7. (Here's where my "bathroom inspiration" came in.) To hold the sandpaper, I bought a couple of toilet paper rollers at the local home center. These rollers have a "tenon" on

each end that fits into holes drilled in the sides and divider.

Once the holes are drilled, you can glue and screw all the parts together. Then just attach a hardboard back (W) and the two hanging brackets as before.

tear strip To make it easy to tear off strips of sandpaper, I cut a hacksaw blade to fit between the sides and screwed it to the front edge of the bottom (T), see Fig. 8.

door. Finally, I added a flip-up door (X). Besides keeping out dust, the door holds the sandpaper in place as you tear off a strip, see Fig. 8a. The door is hinged to the shelf with butt hinges. These hinges fit in shallow mortises cut in the top edge of the door. &

13/&"-WIDE x 2"-LON(3 BUTT HINGE


(47/t6" x 10Ve" 3/4" PLY.)

13/&"-WIDE x 2"-LON(3 BUTT HINGE



—i- - - -


?V .

■ \ I i j)

roll j \



t\ ■

K 1 :

■ ■■

!' 'j




(3) #3x2" Fh Sheet Metal Screws

(4) #&xf/2"Fh Woodscrews

(16)#3x3/4n Sheet Metal Screws

(2) 13/&"-wide x 2"-long Butt Hinges

1" Brads

hold door against sandpaper to tear off strip

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