39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 26

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 26


• (6) #8x2"Fh Sheet Metal Screws

• (4) #&xf/2"Fh Woodscrews

• (16)#8x5/4"Fh Woodscrews

• (1) 1/2"x2" Bolt

• (1) V2" Lock Nut

• (1) V2" Wing Nut

• 1" Brads


Power Tool Storage

mm mz mm

I ft f hen I'm ready to work on a project, it's nice to have

II If my portable power tools where I can grab them easily and put them to use — not hidden away in a box or cabinet. So I decided to build separate storage units for four of my portable power tools, see photo at right.

Each of these storage units is designed to hang on the grid shown on page 18. And they all use the same type of hanging brackets, refer to page 19. So you can arrange the storage units on the grid (or rearrange them) any way you like.

Circular Saw

the way and measure the opening-required. (You may want to cut a test slot in a scrap piece first.)

blade storage. Another thing that's handy about this unit is it provides storage for extra saw blades as well. These blades slip over a bolt that passes through a hole drilled in the back (D), see Fig. 1.

assembly. Now it's just a matter of gluing and screwing the sides to the top and bottom. Here again, the back is glued andl tacked in place with brads. And two short hanging brackets are attached to the back, see Fig. 2.

Since the blade of a circular saw is usually extended below the base of the saw, storing it can be a problem. So this storage unit has a slot in the bottom that accepts both the blade and the guard of a circular saw, see photo.

The construction of this unit is similar to the other cabinets. The sides (A) are rabbeted to accept a narrow top (B) and a wide bottom (C), see Figs. 1 and lb. And as before, a rabbet accepts the back (D) and a short hanging-bracket, see Figs, la and 2.

curved profile. But there is one thing that's different about

this storage unit. To make it easy to grab the saw, I cut a sweeping-curve in the sides, see pattern above and Fig. 1.

cut slot. In addition to the curved sides, you'll also need to cut the slot in the bottom (C) for the blade and guard to fit through. To determine the size of this slot, lower the saw blade all





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