39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 24

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 24


• (12) #3 x 2" Fh Sheet Metal Screws

• (4)#3xf/2"Fh Woodscrews

• (16) #3x5/4"Fh Woodscrews

• T Brads


If you need extra storage bins, this small case is just the ticket. It houses a dozen bins that are identical to the ones in the cabinet.

The construction of the case is similar to the cabinet. But here, the sides (Z) and back (AA) extend above the case, see drawing below and detail 'a'. This creates a storage tray on top, see photo.

The openings for the bins are formed by two fixed shelves (BB) and the bottom (CC) of the case. These pieces fit in dadoes and rabbets that are the same as those in the cabinet.

support strip. To add rigidity where the back sticks up above

the case, I glued a support strip (DD) behind it, see detail 'b'.

hanging brackets. Finally, a pair of short hanging brackets supports the case on the grid.

#8 x 2" Fh sheet metal screw


(714" x 29%")

NOTE: see page 21 for bin details

thickness of plywood

NOTE: sides, bottom,

and fixed shelves are %" plywood


(%" x 30%"-'/2"-thick hardwood)

hanging bracket (see page 19)


(1W x 30%" -V4" hardboard


(&" X W)

NOTE: back

and side extend above top shelf

1" brad

support strip adds rigidity to back

A To add a bulletin board to the grid, simply glue a sheet of cork to a hardboard panel and surround it with a frame.


• (3) #3 x 2" Fh Woodscrews

• (16)#3x3/4"Fh Woodscrews

• (6)#3xf/4"Fh Woodscrews

Fegboard Storage

A wall storage system wouldn't be complete without a place to hang tools. So I added this pegboard storage unit, see photo at right,

pegboard. Basically, it's just a pegboard panel (HH) surrounded by a wood frame, see drawing. The pegboard is cut to size so the centerpoints of the holes are V4" in from each edge, see detail. Once the project is assembled, this will provide even spacing between the holes and the frame.

frame. After cutting the peg-board to size, I built a mitered frame to fit around it. It consists of two rails (II) and two stiles (JJ) made from "two-by" material. (I used Douglas fir.)

To accept both the pegboard and a pair of long hanging-brackets, you'll need to cut a rabbet in the back of each frame piece, see detail 'a.'




(1'/2" x 241/s")



iv2" x 31%")

#& x 2" Fh woodscrew

hanging brackets. An easy way to mount the brackets is to first countersink the pre-drilled holes in the pegboard. Then just screw the pegboard in place.

long hanging bracket




rail and stiles are "two-by" material

x VA" Fh woodscrew

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