39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 23

39 - Modular Wall Storage , страница 23


with use. So I added V2"-thick ^strips of hardwood edging (U) to protect the ends and the front edge, see Figs. 8 and 10a. These strips are mitered to length to fit around the table top. Then they're simply glued in place.

attach table tor Now you can attach the table top. It's centered over the supports, 1" from the back edge of the hanger blocks, see Fig. 8a.

This way, the back of the table top won't hit the uprights as it hangs on the grid, see Fig. 8b. Once the top is positioned on the supports, it's secured with screws that pass through countersunk shank holes drilled in the bottom of the stretchers.


The space under the table top provides a perfect place to acid a large drawer. For easy access to the stuff that "migrates" to the J)ack corners, I mounted the "drawer on full-extension slides. Note: To help determine the

overall size of the drawer, you'll need to have your slides in hand before building the drawer.

The drawer is quite simple. The front, back, and sides are all made from V2" plywood and joined with rabbet joints, see Fig. 9.

Each of these drawer pieces is the same width (315/ie"). But to determine their final length, you have to figure out the overall width of the drawer.

To do this, measure the dis

tance between the supports (27V811 in my case). Then subtract the combined thickness of the slides (1"). Once you know the overall width, cut the front and back (V) of the drawer V211 shorter to allow for the rabbets. Then cut the sides (W) 16" long.

joinery. Once all the drawer parts are cut to final size, it's just a matter of rabbeting both ends of each side to accept the front and back, see detail in Fig. 9.

Before assembling the drawer, you'll need to cut a groove near the bottom of each piece for the hardboard bottom (X), see Fig. 9a. Then glue and nail the drawer together.

false front. To complete the drawer, I added a false front (Y), see Fig. 10. This is a piece of %" plywood that's cut to size so it covers the front edge of the supports (Q) and the front stretcher (R) Note: To provide clearance under the table top when you open and close the drawer, the false front is Vie" shorter (4n/i6m) than the front of the supports.

pulls. After attaching the false front with screws, I added two nickel-plated drawer pulls. Each pull is mounted with two short screws.

install slides. Finally, all that's left is to install the drawer slides, see Fig. 10a. Here, it's best to follow the instructions that came with your drawer slides.

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