77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 24

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 24


($65 for model shown)

BASE APJUSTS FROM 19" x 20V2" TO 29'/a x 29Va'

Some (a lot of) assembly required. Thafs something that should be in big bold letters on the outside of most of the universal bases being sold today. And ifs the case for the rest of the mobile bases shown here.


With over a hundred parts, you can expect to spend the better part of an afternoon putting the Getieral universal base together. But once ifs assembled, youll be pleasantly surprised at how solid and well-built it is.

This General can be assembled to cover a wide range of tools (up to 500 lbs). Thafs because the rails are two-piece channel assemblies. You can use them singly to make a base to fit tools with a small footprint Safety Note: Be careful not to use this setup with a top-heavy tool like a drill press. It won't be quite as stable as you roll it around the shop.

And when you need a larger base, just slip a set of channels together (they work like drawer slides) and tighten the bolts (see inset above).

Foot Pads. Turning a small knob raises the wheels off the floor, "locking" the base in place.


T Interlocking Flails. Adjusting a pair of interlocking rails makes it easy to accommodate the General base for larger tools.

BASE ADJUSTS FROM 11" x 11" TO 19" x 51"

Moving the base (and tool) around the shop is a breeze. And once you have it where you want it just flip the lever on the wheel assembly up and the base will rest on the leveler pads at the front of the base. You'll have to spend a little time "tweaking" the height of the pads to find a position where the base rests firmly on the pads, yet still allows the base to move easily once you press the levers to raise the base onto the wheels.




Another contender for "how many parts can we use in one base" is the Shop Fox shown at the lower left like the General, the Shop Fox has an assortment of over a hundred parts.

With heavy-duty, tubular steel construction, this base acts more like a dedicated base once ifs assembled. It provides a hefty, rock-solid foundation for tools up to 700 lbs.

Unlike the General, there aren't any foot levers to raise and lower the base on the Shop Fox. Instead, there are a pair of leveler pads that you lower to lift the base off the wheels. Just a little turn and the base "locks" in place without any problem (see inset).

Besides the model shown (D2057), Shop Fox has two other versions of this base available to accommodate a wider range of tool sizes and weights. Also, extension kits are available to handle long and narrow machines or extension tables.

24 ShopNotes No. 77

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