77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 5

77 - Sliding Door Shop Cabinet, страница 5


Clip-On Lamp Holder_

dowels in the shelf fit inside the clip bends to prevent the lamp from sliding off the holder when the light position is adjusted.

Guy Gerrard Orlando, Florida

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Kevin Caulson of Emporia, KS reminds us that oily steel wool can be a fire hazard and recommends storing it safely in resealable bags to prevent oxidation.

Thurston Caswell

of North Port. FL punches holes in his can and uses a wire with 90" end bends to wipe excess finish off his brush.

Charles Mak of

Calgary, Alberta recycles magnets he gets from advertisers and posts them as reminder notes throughout his

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small sanding

Prill Press Storage Rack

■ Whenever I used my drill press, I spent a lot of time hunting for the items I needed. So I built a display-type storage rack to keep everything organized.

The rack is made from a piece of plywood about 18" long. The top and bottom are beveled at 45°. Legs are attached to the back so it will sit flat on a table or shelf and give the display stablility. I then drilled holes and added dowels to hold various sanding attachments, chuck keys, and other drill press accessories.

Edward Rets Phoenix, Arizona

large sanding drums


chuck keys

bevel edges at 45'

■ I like the extra light that a clip-on lamp gives when I work. The problem is there's never any place to attach one of these lamps.

To solve this problem, I devised a holder for my shop that can be placed almost anywhere. This holder allows the lamp clip to grip securely so I can have constant and stable lighting at all times.

The holder is made of 3A" plywood. A dado in the mounting plate captures a small shelf as you can see in the photo at left

The clip part of the lamp tightly grips the plywood shelf. Through

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