79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 47

79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 47

some extra storage space, making them perfect for these shelves. sr~ A Size to Fit. Shelves are avail

able to fit 2x4s or 2x6s on 16" or 24" centers. And if the spacing isn't quite exact, the shelves have a V4" clearance off the back and sides to allow for inconsistencies.

What surprised me most about these shelves was their heft. Made from 18-gauge galvanized steel (the same thickness as a pickup truck bed), a shelf can hold up to 45 pounds. The 5"-deep shelf is perfect for quart-sized cans. The 6W shelf is designed to hold gallon cans and jugs, while the 11" shelf can hold a 5-gallon bucket, like you see in the photo on page 46.

Versatility. Gaining previously unused storage space is reason enough to use the shelves, but I found their flexibility and easy installation even more beneficial. In a matter of seconds, I had shelves exactly where I wanted and needed them.

To help with spacing, I mounted the 11" shelf for my 5-gallon bucket, put the bucket on the shelf, and then mounted another shelf just above it, like in the photo on the opposite page.

Ah, but what if your shop doesn't have exposed wall studs? You can still take advantage of the shelves by building your owrn stud wall (see drawing below).


Plastic Bins. To help keep your shop neatly organized, plastic bins provide storage for small items, such as screws and nails. They come in different sizes, depending on the shelf, but are designed to fit the shelves three abreast. The bins are also stackable and come in various colors.

Stud Buddy has other accessories to further maximize your storage, including hangers for hoses and cardboard boxes designed specifically to fit the shelves. You can find a list of sources on page 51. &

A Plastic Bins. You

can get even more organized by using plastic bins to store screws and nails.


Easy Installation:

Leveling Buddies

The hardest tiling about installing any set of shelves is leveling them. The design of Stud Buddy shelves makes leveling and installing these shelves a one-man operation (near right photo). And the mounting holes are designed to overlap so that you can create a line of shelves (far right photo).

A Leveling it Up. Though not required, using a level when installing a shelf makes the task quick, easy, and accurate.

A Aligning Multiple Shelves. Clamp and level a straight 1x4 across several studs to quickly install a line of these shelves.


(3a" X - 49'/2")

No exposed studs?

Build and hang your own "stud wall" to take advantage of the versatility of the shelving.


(1K;" x 3Vz" - A&")



#3 x 1'/2" Fh WOODSCREW

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