79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 5

79 - Slant Front Tool Cart, страница 5

Help from the Kitchen

When I cut long boards on my miter saw, there are times I need help supporting the board. And there isn't always someone available to help me out. So 1 made an extension support using my step ladder and a rolling pin from my kitchen pantry.

I used a couple of pieces of 2x4 stock that 1 cut to fit into the channels of the legs of my step ladder (inset drawings below). A hole is drilled in each piece (large enough to accept the handle of

the rolling pin). I positioned the side pieces so that they would match the height of my miter saw.

To make it easy to slip the rolling pin in place, I cut a notch on one of the blocks (see drawings below). Then the rolling pin can be slipped out when not in use. This support can be adapted for use as a table saw outfeed or even an extension support for your drill press.

Don Perkins Modesto, California

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