80 - Heirloom Tool Cabinet, страница 46

80 - Heirloom Tool Cabinet, страница 46

A Paste Wax. Applying a coat of paste wax prevents rust and corrosion on table tops and other large surfaces. Simply rub it on and let it dry for a few minutes. Then buff it out with a dean, soft cloth.

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Preventing Rust

I hate rusty tools. And I've spent countless hours over the years cleaning tine rust off of tools in my shop. It seems like I just get them clean only to find rust on them again — sometimes overnight.

So I finally came to realise that I could make better use of my time by preventing rust from forming in the first place. That way 1 won't have to spend so much time removing it from my tools.

There are many ways to prevent rust. But the way you deal with it will depend on the type of tool.

Lubricants work great for protecting small parts and moving parts. But they're not a good solution for large tool surfaces. The oil and grease will attract dust and can get on the wood used in your projects. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives.


Moisture and oxygen are needed to produce rust. So it makessease that sealing tine tool so that water and oxygen can't get to the surface will prevent rust and corrosion.

A Toofwipes. These Bullfrog wipes let you coat your tools to keep moisture and air away from the metal. They're a quick way to keep hand tools rust-free.


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