82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 51

82 - The Complete Miter Saw Workstation, страница 51



You can find shelf pins and supports at most home centers and several of the sources listed in the margin.

The Woodsmith Store and Rockier carry the clear plastic drilling guide featured on page 12, along with a variety of drill bits to fit the jig.

Woodhaven carries two versions of a VV'-thick phenolic drilling guide. One is set up for holes on 1" centers and the other is 32mm on center. Woodhaven also carries self-centering drill bits to use with the jig, as well as guide bushings and spiral bits, if you'd rather use your router to make the holes.


There's quite a bit of hardware required to build the miter saw station (page 16). The basic items can be picked up at most hardware stores and home centers. But there are a few that you'll probably need to order.

The Woodsmith Store carries the flip stop (456390), the 24" and 48" T-track (456306, 456112), and the 12'-long, self-adhesive measuring tapes (273739,273740).

Rockier carries the flip stop (21341) and T-track (21739,21753), along with the 1V2" and 2l/i flange bolts (83311, 33939), no-mortise hinges (28688), IV4" round knob (43131), shelf supports (30437), and lcvelcrs (24315).

The other knobs you'll need are from Reid Tool. The part number for the 5/i6" x IV2" knob is DK-22. And the number for the 5/i6" through-hole knob is DK-82.


You can probably get all the hardware you need for the tool tote sawhorses on page 28 locally. But if you have problems finding the knobs, McMaster-Carr has one you can use (5993K42).


For the marking gauges on page 32, Small Parts, Inc. has the Vs'-thick aluminum sheet (SMA-125-B) you'll need. They also carry the 3/s"-dia. aluminum rod (ZRA-06-12) and the V2"-dia. rod (ZRA-08-12).

McMaster-Carr carries similar material along with the wax (1009K22) used to coat the band saw blade before cutting the aluminum.

The Woodsmith Store has buffing wheels (220770) and the polishing compounds (362247). Finally, most auto parts stores have products for cleaning and protecting aluminum.


The clamps featured in the article on page 42 are available at woodworking stores and some of the mail-order sources at right. If you're

looking for a convenient way to put a set of clamps together for your shop, the Woodsmith Store has packaged the clamps into the three sets detailed in the article.


You can find light-duty fixed and portable cord reels at most hardware stores, home centers, and a couple of the sources in the margin.

If a heavier-duty model (shown in the main photo on page 46) is more to your liking, you can order one from Puckett's by asking for the Luma-Site (04820). A similar reel (03K51.05) is available from Lee Valley.

For the WonderWinder, contact Lee Valley or Griot's Garage. And the RAP-100 can be ordered from the Woodsmith Store or Reel-A-Pail.


The Harken Hoister lift systems featured on page 48 are available directly from the manufacturer (see margin). You'll need to know the lift height and weight requirements to select the correct model. Prices range from $36 to $170. Their website also lists local retailers.

The ProStor HeavyLift (PHL-1R) is available from Racor, Inc. for about $180. Racor carries a number of other storage systems you might want to take a look at as well. &

ShopNotes Binders

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As you build your ShopNotes library, here's a way to keep your issues organized. Each binder features durable vinyl covers and easy-to-read perforated number tags. Snap rings with a quick-open lever make it easy to insert and remove issues. And there's an extra pocket inside for storing notes. Each binder holds a full year (6 issues) of the new, expanded ShopNotes. To order these binders, call 1-800-347-5105.

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O 701950-SN82 (Holds 6issues).......$12.95


Similar project supplies may be ordered from the following companies:

Woodsmith Store 800-444-7002 WoodsmithStore.com

Buffing Wheels & Compounds, Clamps, Flip

Stop, Self-Adhesive Measuring Tapes, T-Track, Shelf Pin Drilling Guide, RAP-100 Cord Reel

Rockier 800-279-4441 www.rockler.com

Clamps, Flange Bolts, Flip Stop, Hinges, Knobs, Levelers, Self-Adhesive Measuring Tapes, Shelf Suppotis, Shelf Pin Drilling Guide, T-Track, Taper Jig Reid Tool 800-253-0421 www.reidtool.com Knobs

Griot's Garage 800-345-5789 www.griotsgarage.com

Cord Reels

Reel-A-Pail www.quickwinder.com

Cord Reels

McMaster-Carr 630-833-0300 www.mcmaster.com

Aluminum Rod & Shed, Cord Reels, Catting Wax, Ktwbs

Lee Valley 800-871-8158 www.leevalley.com

Cord Reels

Woodhaven 800-344-6657 www.woodhaven.com

Shelf Pin Drilling Guide, Taper .Jig

Puckett Tools & Equip.

800-544-4189 www.pucketttools.conj

Cord Reels

Small Parts, Inc. 800-220-4242 www.smallparts.com

Aluminum Rod & Sheet

Harken Inc. 262-691-3320 www.hoister.com

Harken Hoister

Racor, Inc. 800-783-7725 www.racorinc.com

ProStor HeavyLift,



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