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sled slides on drywall channels

press channel into miter slot

Tips for Your Shop

Benchtop Table Saw Sled

▲ Drywall Channel.

Aluminum channel can be cut to size and press-fit into the miter slot of your benchtop table saw.

fence provides solid workpiece support-

The table of the portable saw I use in my shop is often not large enough to cut anything other than small pieces safely and accurately. So I decided to add a crosscut sled.

I cut a couple of dadoes in the underside of the sled to ride over rails that will be fit into the miter

slots later. These dadoes correspond to the position of the miter slots on the saw, as shown below.

The miter channels on my saw were too small to accept most manufactured runners and miter bars. So I used a piece of V2" drywall channel that I picked up at a local

NOTE: length of channel extends 6"

beyond edge of table saw to support sled in starting position (see drawing above)

drywall channel

#& x V/z" Fh WOODSCREW a

NOTE: sled

is made from 3/4" plywood.

fence is 1" hardwood

home improvement center to make a set of rails for the sled to slide on.

The rails are easy to make. First, cut the drywall channel to a length that's a little longer than the miter slot. Then press-fit the channel into the miter slot. You'll find the channel sticks up about l/\ above the table top. This way, the dadoes can be guided by the channels as you push the sled across the table when making crosscuts.

Once I finish using the sled, the channels can be removed from the slots and stored away with the sled until the next time they're needed.

Gerald Layman Davison, Michigan

ShopNotes No. 88

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