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What goes into a great workbench? Most of us would agree it has to have a number of key features.

For starters, the base must be sturdy — no wobbling allowed. And it must have a large, flat work-surface that's rugged enough to stand up to years of hard use.

Storage would be helpful. And to keep the cost down, it should be built out of materials that you can get anywhere. Finally, it would be great if you could put it together in a short time, like a weekend.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so, too — but all these must-have features are built into the workbench pictured above.

The secret to the strength of the workbench is selecting the right materials. The base is built from "two-by" stock, and the top, shelf, and end panels are made from MDF. I chose these materials for their sturdiness, low cost, and ready availability. This means you can get everything you need in just one trip to your local home center.

The joinery is about as simple as it gets — glue and screws. But each piece builds on the previous one to create a rock-solid bench that will stand up to heavy use. This construction also means that building the bench won't take a lot of time.

Finally, as good as this bench is, you can make it even more versatile by adding a bolt-on woodworking vise that's easy to install as well.

For the money, this is one rock-solid workbench that will give you years of hard-working service.


ShopNotes No. 89

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