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top cleat is flush with top of side rail


flat, solid surface for the benchtop, the upper rails are even with the tops of the corner posts. You can see this in Figure lb.

Face Blocks. Carriage bolts reinforce the joints pretty well, but for even more stability, I added face blocks between the rails. The blocks act like the shoulders of a mortise and tenon joint to give the framework more stability and prevent it from rocking side to side.

With the base assembled, you can soften the outside edges by routing a V chamfer along the edges {see lower right photo). When you get near the carriage bolts with your router, you should take the bolts out temporarily so they won't interfere with your router.

Cleats. At this point, the base is almost complete. So now's the time to add the cleats that will hold the benchtop and lower shelf in place.

After cutting the cleats to size, I drilled and countersunk two sets of holes in them, like you see in Figure 3. The first set of holes is for the screws that hold the cleats to the rails. The second set is used for


(1Vi x - 4&)


shelf rests flush with top of rail

lower rail -


pair of cleats is set below than the along the rail, I used a scrap piece

top edge of the lower rails. This of MDF as a spacer.

allows the shelf to sit flush with Bottom Shelf. There's one

the screws that attach the benchtop and shelf to the cleats.

The top cleats align flush with the rail's top edges. But the lower

the lower rails and helps protect the edges of the MDF shelf. You can see this illustrated in Figure 3b. To get the cleats positioned correctly

Materials & Hardware

final task before moving on to the benchtop. The bottom shelf has to be cut to size, and the corners notched to fit around the posts (Figure 3a). Then, you can attach the shelf by installing screws through the cleats into the shelf.


A End Posts (4} l!/2 x 3'/2 - 33

B End Post Faces (4) V/2 x 3V2 - 33 C End Panels (2) 20 x 33 - V4 MDF lVj x 3 - 58 l'/2 x 5 - 58 V/i xS-16 1T/2 x 5 - 9 V/7 x V/} - 48

D Upper Rails (2)

Lower Rails (2) Upper Face Blocks (4) Lower Face Blocks (4) Cleats (4)

Shelf (1)

23 x 53'/j - % MDF


J Top Layers (2) 29 x 85 - V4 MDF K Top Edge Fillers (4} 6 x 85 - % MDF L Top End Fillers (4) 17 x 17!/« - s/4 MDF M Front/Back Edging (2) V/j x 3 - 88 N End Edging (2) V/2 x 3 - 32


O Vise Spacer (1J P Vise Faces (2)

4% x 9 - V4 Hdbd. Vi x 4V4 - 9

• (71) ft8 x 1V2" Fh Woodscrews

• (24) If8 x 2" Fh Woodscrews

• (40) ffS x 2'/:" Fh Woodscrews

• (16) x 3V2" Carriage Bolts

• (1) 9' Bolt-on Vise

• (4) V * 3" Lag Screws

• (2) Vi" x 1" Lag Screws

• (2) Machine Screws (For Vise Face)

• (4) V Flat Washers



To see a cutting diagram for this workbench, go to our website: ShopNotes.com

www.ShopNotes.com 33

Chamfer the Edges.

You can temporarily remove the carriage bolts when you 're routing the chamfer along the edges of the base.

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