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Fluting Jig

Fluted legs or trim pieces can add a classic look to a project. But the challenge is making flutes that are straight and evenly spaced. To solve those problems, I made this fluting jig (shown above). It's designed to fit a palm router or laminate trimmer.

As you can see, the jig is pretty simple. It's just a baseplate made from a piece of acrylic. A set of hardwood spacers makes it easy to position the flutes evenly across a workpiece, see inset photo. And using the jig with my palm router makes it easy to handle.


I like this jig because it's versatile. What I mean is you can make the spacers wider or narrower to adjust the spacing of the flutes (more on that later).

This is one of those simple projects that you can put together in an evening. But it's a handy jig you'll use for years to come to add appeal to your projects.

ShopNotes No. 89

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