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Cabinet Checklist



cis and other items 1 eosCy accessible. And you can see 1 cabinets. This r o- - up off the floor Er rn the shop. It also -c up easier.


_2?inets arrive, you'll start assembling and i right away. But there to do first, rv :'s a good idea to rventorv of the cab-zrxi hardware to make -fang is included. If any

I Touch:


-^nufactured cabinets I ► re made of particleboard. e Twenty strong, but they can

to paint, he End Grain. The first step finishing process is filling — - thing the edges. For this, .ir.-wall joint compound. -j-n start by applying the with a plastic putty

Hanging Base Cabinets. To

H avoid moisture damage and to make cleanup easier, it helps to keep base cabinets off the floor.

of the pieces are missing or damaged, now is the time to notify the supplier and order a replacement.

Read the Instructions. Once you're sure you have evervthing, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the assembly instructions. Fach manufacturer has different procedures for assembling and hanging the cabinets. So it's best to thoroughly understand the whole process before you begin.

You may also want to take the time to paint the pieces before you begin the installation. The box below has some helpful tips for painting particleboard cabinets.

knife, as shown in the left photo below. Try to push the compound into the edges as much as possible and then even it out with the knife.

Primer Coat. The next step is to put on a coat of primer. You can use either a bmsh or roller for both priming and painting. I like to use gray pri mer because one coat covers the brown particleboard very well. It also makes it a lot easier to see any spots you've missed.


• Do you have special weight requirements?

• Do you need melamine surfaces? DESIGN ASSISTANCE

• Does the manufacturer provide custom-built cabinets or modular units to fit your space?


• What are the cabinets made of? Plyvi'ood, sheet metal, particleboard. MDF?

• What kind of hardware is used? Will you need to upgrade handles, latches. hinges?


• Will the products be delivered to your door or to a local vendor or warehouse?

• What's the manufacturer's policy on replacing components damaged in shipping?


• What method is used for hangng cabinets?

• Does the company offer installation? CUSTOM MODIFICATIONS

• How easily can you add your own features or upgrades to the cabinets?

The Results. Even after assembling and painting the cabinets, I saved a lot of time over building them from scratch. And that meant I had the time 1 needed to get a few of my other projects done. A

Apply the Final Color. When you select the paint for the finish coat, one thing to keep in mind is the type of paint you'll need. Remember that there will be a lot of sawdust flying and you'll want to be able to clean the cabinets easily.

For that reason, 1 recommend a good-quality, interior paint. It's easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth and rugged enough to stand up well in the shop.

Paint Now you can finish with a coat of the color you ve


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