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A Finished Look. Modular

cah^ers can be configured for just about any took or layout

Designs. Another advantage you 13 st* right away is the design assistance available through many of the internet or catalog cabinet suppliers. This service can save hours of custom des-.gn and planning time. All you need to do is identify the spacr you have available and the requirements \ ou have for the cabinets and a designer will put together a package for you.

The cheddrs* on the opposite page is a starting point to help you figure out what questions to ask when shopping for a supplier.

Customize Your Shop. Saving time means ou can spice up the cabinets a ith a few customized details j build yourself. In the one-waJ .vcrk^hop, 1 decided to add a flip-up workbench with a vise and pegboard panels between the cabinets. I also added the open cubbies" above the lower cabinets to hold some of my frequently

What's In The Box

40 ShopNotes No. 1)2

Get the shop of your dreams without the hassle of building from scratch by using modular, manufactured cabinets.

The one tiling 1 never have enough of in my shop is time. I've always got a long list of projects waiting to be built. So when it came time to get things organized and build storage cabinets for the shop, 1 decided to save some time and order a few cabinets from a manufacturer.

It's a tough choice for a woodworker to make, but when you look at the cost of building shop cabinets (including labor in the

equation), you'll see there are good reasons to consider this option.

For example, the cabinets for the one-wall workshop on page 16 cost about $750 (shipping included). To build the cabinets from scratch would have cost around $350, but would have added a couple weeks of shop time to the project. Having the parts cut and pre-drilled for hardware allowed me to put them together in no time.

Flat Pack.

A successful installation begins by inspecting the contents of the packages containing the materials and hardware.

Hardware. ►

Kits include hinges, handles, and the screws required for assembly.



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