Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 55


Pine Chair

Chairmaking is one area of woodworking where the novice may encounter some difficulty. The stresses placed upon a chair in normal use will soon reveal flaws in design and sloppy joinery. This particular design is about as simple as possible without appearing stiff or ungainly . The uncluttered appearance enables it to blend in with a wide range of styles, from Early American to contemporary. All phases of construction can be performed with hand tools, though a band saw and lathe will ease the work considerably.

Construction is begun with the seat, which is shaped from a 17"-square slab of 2" pine (actual It will be necessary to edge join and glue two pieces to achieve the width required. Use three %" dowel pins to reinforce the glued joint If several chairs are to be made, a cardboard pattern of the seat should be made up. complete with leg-tenon locations and back mortise.

Shape the seat as shown in Figure 1. Dishing out the top surface will improve the appearance

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