Woodworker's Journal 101-Projects-for-Woodworkers, страница 61


nails clipped to Drive the nails with a nail set until about protrudes.

Cut two bridges about 4" long from hard maple, taking care to keep them exactly equal in height Taper them as shown in the bridge detail end view, but do not notch or install them until the harp is strung.

Twelve nylon guitar strings are needed, four each of G, B, and E strings. (These are strings no. 1, 2, and 3 on the classical guitar.) Starting at one side, tie small loops in the strings to fit over the nails, then lead each string to its proper pin. The pins have holes in them for attaching the strings. Leave enough slack in the strings to allow several windings around the pin and snip off the excess. Use the tuning wrench to turn each pin clockwise and down, and draw each string tight enough to rise about Y\" off the harp top and apart from the other strings.

File notches in the top edge of each bridge about Me" deep and wide enough to hold the strings. Trim the bridges to finished length and position them at opposite ends, about 2" away

from the pins. It is not necessary to glue them in place.

Drill dowel holes in the lid stock to take %* dowel lid supports. Cut the lid to finished size, glue the drilled dowels in place, and use them to locate the headless nails, which are driven into the harp and serve as retaining pins for the lid.

The harp may be stained to suit and should be given several coats of varnish. Tune the harp by bringing all the strings to one note: in other words, all strings should sound the same when plucked. If you have a piano, tunc all the strings to the first G below middle C. New strings will stretch initially, and you will have some difficulty keeping the harp in tune, but keep retuning periodically and the strings will stabilize in about 24 hours.

Place the harp on the windowsiH with the wide opening facing outdoors, then bring the window down on the lid to hold the harp in place. At the first breeze, you'll be rewarded with a heavenly sound and a lot of comment from friends.


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