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i sa . • ■ <1 working project begins

• * >- Depending on the project,

at • x nothing more than a simple

* x, . .vt !t scrap wood, or it may be sev-.. .... detailed drawings and a bill of


. i ateur woodworkers have both the . _ ie ability to design and draw up their

♦ : but most prefer to work from pub-^ Ml of the plans contained in this

• > -. r appeared in past issues of The Wood-

• J urnal. and many of the projects have . . . . : letters and photographs from readers » . built the pieces. When reviewing these i'-ipns, the editors have often been ini :. the different appearance of pieces people working from the same set of 3 . - Ttan> cases, it was quite apparent that 3': - merely provided a starting point or , - ard from which the individual added his or her own ideas.

The novice is generally inclined to follow instructions to the letter, and this is the best approach until some degree of skill and confidence is achieved. However, the more advanced wood

worker should, and probably will, feel free to substitute more sophisticated joinery methods if they are appropriate. The materials, methods of joinery, and finish for each project in this book are not the only possible choices but rather were chosen for their compatibility with the character of the piece and the skill level for which the project was intended.

It was our intention to appeal to as many woodworkers as possible with a great variety of projects that are both attractive and practical. The designs presented here cover a time span of more than three hundred years- from the seventeenth-century Hutch Table to the contemporary Stereo/End Table—and range from the utter simplicity of the Skyhook toy to the challenge of the Rolltop Desk.

No matter what projects you attempt, please keep in mind that working with wood should be a pleasurable experience. Above all, don't rush! The quality of your work and the degree of pleasure you'll derive will be in direct proportion to the degree to which you have a deliberate, relaxed altitude.

The Editors


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