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Shaker-style Step Stool

This small step stool with its lidded storage compartment is a handy addition to any household, whether decorated in traditional or contemporary style. The piece is pure Shaker, combining sturdy construction with clean, functional design. Pine, oak, and maple are all appropriate woods for building the step stool. Just be sure to use well-seasoned, flat stock or you will have some problems cutting the dadoes.

Begin construction by cutting the sides of the step stool from %" stock. Lay out the dadoes on both pieces side by side so that the slots will coincide exactly. Note that the horizontal dado is a x ¥*", While the vertical dado is % x W. Cut the dadoes with a saw and chisel or with power equipment. Next, lay out and cut notches for the W back panel, and then lay out and cut the front and bottom curves.

The back and front panels are cut from stock, while the lid and step are of %" stock. Cut all parts squarely and sand carefully before joining with glue. Keep the assembly clamped overnight if possible so that the glue has plenty of time to cure. Cut the lid and cleat to size, and glue and nail the cleat to the top edge of the front, using countersunk finishing nails.

Before adding hinges, go over the piece, breaking all sharp corners with sandpaper to give it a worn look; then apply the stain of your choicc. At least three coats of a tough urethane satin finish will keep the step stool looking good for years. Be sure to seal all surfaces, including the storage compartment and the underside.


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