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Each issue of THE WOODWORKER S JOURNAL is filled with detailed plans for all types of woodworking projects, a few of which are shown above. There are also regular columns on restoring antiques and workshop income plus useful jigs and shop tips, but our main purpose has always been to provide our readers with a variety of PROJECT PLANS. Check the contents of available issues below and send your order today... supplies are limited.

V«l. 1 No. 5 Sept-Oct '77: Taper Jig, Counting-House Desk, Dancing Man Folk Toy, Shaker Step-Chest, Duck Decoys, 3 Wall Decorations, Hutch Cupboard, Collec

tor's Pier Cabinet, Box Joint Jig, Picture Frame.

Vol. 3 No. 6 Nov-Dec '79: Clothes Tree, Pine Floor Lamp, Harvest Table. 5 Holiday Gifts, 19th Cent. Washstand, Tablesaw Round Tapering Jig, Quilting Frame, Tot's Tricycle, Swedish Door Harp.

Vol. 4 No. 1 Jmn-Feb '80: Doughboi End Table, Con-temp. Loveseat, Mahogany Chairside Table, Corner Cupboard Part I, Small Pine Comer Cabinet, Knife Rack-Cutting Board, Apple-Shaped Mirror, Pine Tape Dispenser, Auiilliary Cut-Off Table for Tablesaw.

Vol. 4 No. 1 Mar-Apr '80: Firewood Rack & Carrier, Red Baron Triplane Toy, Pine Pie Safe with Pierced Tin Panels, Contemp. Glass Top Coffee Table and Matching End Table, 19th Cent. Pine Commode, Corner Cupboard Part U, Butcher Block Toy Box, Mahogany Corner Shelf, Jig for Wooden Trivets, Radial Arm Crosscut Table.

Vol. 4 No. 3 May-June '80: Miniature Campaign Chest, 19th Cent. Sawbuck Table, Decorative Frog, Violin Sconce. Shaker Cutlery Tray, Swinging Bracket & Planter. Club Chair & Ottoman, Oak Cottage Chair, Wooden Lock.

Vol. 4 No. 4 July-Amg '80: Magazine Rack, Gothic Oak Stool, Whale Cribbye Board, Doll Cradle, Nut & Bolt Toy, Basketweave Ranters, Easy Wall Clock, Router Bit Box, Pine Cellarette, Up Chessboard, Pine Wall Box.

Vol. 4, No. S Sept-Oct '80: Cabinetmaker's Workbench. Cobbler's Bench Coffee Table, 19th Cent. Cherry Table, Kitchen Utensils. Book Rack, Nuts & Bolts, Nutcracker, Walnut & Glass Bank. School-house Desk. Booster Seat.

Vol. 4 No. 6 Nov-Dec '80: 17th Cent. Mantle Clock. Toy Truck. Bud Vase, Grain Scoop, Letter Rack. Phone Memo Caddv. Tov Circus Wagons. Animal Puzzles, Library Stooi, Quilt Rack. Ratchet Table/Lamp. 18th Cent. Trestle Table. Lathe Steady Rest.

Vol. 5, No. 1 Jan-Feb '81: 18th Cent. Wall Shelves. Hand Mirror, Cutting Boards. Tic-Tac-Toe Game, 18th Cent. Vanity. Shaker Pine Cupboard. Tenon Jig, Towel Ring. Matchbox, Corner Shelves, Contemporary Cabinet, Black Forest Clock. Shop Drawing Board.

Vol. 5, No. 2 Mar-Apr '81: Child's Rocker. Bandsaw Jig, Push-PulI Toy, Half-Round Table. Spoon Rack. Salt and Pepper Shakers. Calculator Stand, Anchor Thermometer, Plant Stand. Oak Writing Desk. 18 Cent. Chair Table. Shop-Built Handscrew.

Vol. S, No. 3 May-June '81: 18th Cent. Sleigh Seat. Child's Step Stool. Kiddie Gym. Flying Duck. Dominoes. Trouser Hanger. Mug Rack. Folding Sun Seat. Ship's Wheel Table. Contemporary Buffet.

Vol. S, No. 4 July-Aug '81: Looghom Steer. Bike Rack, Miniature Chest. Doll House Bed. Curio Shelves, Belt Rack. Rocker Footrest, Early American Wall Shelf. Multipurpose Cabinet. Boi Cutting Jig.

Vol. S, No. 5 Sept-Oct '81: 18th Cent. Rudder Table, Musical Jewelry Box. Colonial Candlestick, Deacon's Wall Shelf, Toy Hippo. Spalted Boxes, Woodbox, Sew

ing Cabinet with Tambour Doors, 18th Cent. Tavern Table. Router Jig for Stopped Dadoes.

Vol. S, No. 6 Nov-Dec '81: Old-Time Icebox. Victorian Sled, Tile Clock. Wine Glass Holder, Mahogany Wall Shelf, Inkwell. Bagel Slicer, Seal Push Toy, Wooden Combs, Antique Knife Tray, Memo Cube, Fireplace

Bellows, Contemporary Shelving, Shop-Built Bar Clamp.

Weather Station,

Vol. 6, No. 1 Jan-Feb '82: Contemporary Sofa Table, Artist's Easel. Candle Box. Laminated Box, Butcher Block Knife Rack. Frog Pull Toy, Infinity Mirror. Japanese Style Table Lamp. Empire Footstool, Desk Caddy. Stepped-Back Hutch. Buckboard Seat, Latticework Cutting Jig.

Vol. 6, No. 2 Mar-Apr '82: Early American Blanket Chest. 18th Cent. Corner Shelf. Pine Footstool. Cheese Cutting Board. Napkin Holder. Trivets. Coaster Set. Pierced Tin Cabinet. Hutch Clock. Oak File Cabinet. Mahogany Tripod Table. Wall Hung Plant Bracket.

Vol. 6, No. 3 May-June '82: Country Kitchen Cabinet, Rough-Sawn Cedar Clock, Swinging Cradle, Toy Helicopter, Casserole Dish Holder, Ship's Wheel Weather Station. Octagonal Planter, Tambour Desk. Band Saw Boxes, 19th Cent. Step-Chair, Sailing Ship Weather Vane.

Vol. 6, No. 4 July-August '82: Dovetailed Footstool, Toy Chest, Plant Stand, 18th Cent. Lawyer's Case, Frame and Panel Joint with Decorative Bevel, Collector's Plate Frame, Toy Jeep. Trestle Table and Bench, 19th Cent. Danish Washstand, Contemporary Wall Valet.

Plpa«/> NJ0tp Vol. 1, No. 5 through Vol. 4, No. 4 are newsprint issues for $1.50 each. From * 1'UIC Vo| 4 No. Son, they are magazines for $2.50 each, postpaid. CT residents only

please add 7'/i% sales tax.

Hall-Round Table

Nov/Dec '80 17th Century Mantle Clock

Contemporary Cabinet

Jan/Feb '81

Oak Writing Desk Mar Apr >1

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