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The Birth of a Project The convoluted process by which a seemingly simple project reaches its final published state never fails to fascinate me. As an example, the "simple" towel holder on page 41 was conceived many weeks ago when I mentioned that a relatively easy-to-make utilitarian project, preferably in a contemporary style, was needed to fill one page.

A cousin of mine who had a lot of unwelcomed leisure time while recovering from a motorcycle accident, got word of our urgent need and mailed in some sketches for a towel rack that was basically a slotted box fastened to a wall. The basic idea was intriguing so we built a prototype and, as we usually do, showed it to all of the staff to get their reactions. Everyone tried it out with dish towels and all agreed that it was an attractive and useful design. I liked it but felt that the prototype was a bit too "klunky" looking and that the design needed some further refining.

Someone suggested that it would look better if the slotted board appeared to be set out from the wall with no visible means of support. It took about half an hour to come up with a way to create this effect without being too complicated or wasteful of material and we all felt pretty good about the final design. It looked good, was useful, inexpensive and easy to make. As far as we were concerned, all our criteria had been met. A finished piece was made and rushed to the photo studio...another "simple" project completed.

Another Computer Coincidental with turning out our biggest issue ever, we multiplied our daily problems by making a transition from one computer system to another. Being well over the age of 40, I've managed to stumble blissfully through life without

any real understanding of computers and the unique languages needed to deal with them. I once thought that software referred to the dust cover you put over them at night. Needless to say, this computer change was undertaken only after a lot of soul-searching and anxiety on my part...and only after being convinced that it was immediately necessary to prepare for future growth.

I tell you this because you may have noticed that our mailing labels are different. If you are, like me, mistrustful of computers, do not be alarmed by the extra gibberish on the label. The top line consisting of certain letters of your name and the numbers of your zip code is actually the account number by which the computer recognizes you. On the right-hand side of the same line is your expiration date.

Some of you, with Jr. or M.D. after your names many be dismayed to find that these distinguishing additions have now been transposed into your middle initials. Apart from looking silly, this will do no harm and the computer will soon be cajoled into putting them back where they belong.

If you have any questions or problems concerning your subscription I urge you to refer to our comments on page 23 which implore you not to suffer in silence. Let our Circulation Department know if something is wrong and if you're really steamed up, write to me personally.

More Big Shows Two annual Excellence in Woodworking shows are coming up soon. For Easterners the place to be October 15th to 17th is Madison Square Garden. The midwestern show will be held November 12th to 14th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago. Admission at either show is $5.00. These shows have become quite an annual event which all woodworkers will enjoy...so come up out of the cellar and see what the other guys are doing.

Jim McQuillan


14" Vertical Bandsaw

WT with V2 HP motor, stand, f* cast iron frame

• V»" x 92" bandsaw blade Included

• 14" x 14" square cast iron table tilts 45°R. 10°L

• Adjusting blade tension wheel & tilt adjustment

• Cast wheels, rubber tired, sealed ball bearings

• Sealed roller bearing blade edge backup

• Adjustable blade guides Approx. 6" high cutting capability

- Vi HP motor single phase 115 VAC 60C (WMC L- SEND '1.00 FOR MACHINERY SALE CATALOG

SAVE S1000


:bridgewood model"


20" x 6" Automatic Wood Planers

Heavy cast iron construction • 1000 lbs. of machine • segmented feed roll • tested & ready to run

FREE FREIGHT TO 48 STATES Automatic stock feed 3 blade cutter head 3 HP single or 3 phase TEFC motor 220 VAC Dual pulleys & belts Chain drive auto teed Machine size — 30" x 35" x 37" Cast iron chippers

Deluxe Model SAVE 51000


bridgewood model shg508


5" Automatic Wood Planer

SAVE !300 with motor

59900 • Vj HP motor


Model SST-20" Ship wl. 77 lbs. FOB YORK

Model SSA-120


7" X 18" table Sturdy cast iron construction Planes up to 5" wide x 2Vj" thick


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