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The World's Finest


AMI, Ltd.

Advanced Machinery Imports

2735 Tanager Dr., WJ Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 302-999-9233

We are proud to present the world's best cabinetmaker's and carver's workbenches, made in Switzerland by Lachappelle since 1840.

• Made from the best European Red Beech

• Precision steel guide mechanisms for vises

• Patented adjustable friction device on tail vise

• Perfectly finished in the Swiss tradition of excellence, detail, and durability

Write for our free brochure Dealer inquiries invited

Woodworking Machining Center


Circular Saw, Slot Mortising and Moulding attachments

The basic model is already a combined surface planing and thicknessing machine with automatic feed—with optional attachments you have a complete wood machining center

that's affordable. Ask for the free brochure.

Length of planing table—34"

Max. planing width—10V2" Length of thicknessing table—18"

Thicknessing capacity— 6" x 10"

Auto, feed rate—

161/j' /min. • Weight—143 lbs


Corporation • P.O. Box 07824 ^Columbus. OH 43207 » 614/445-8328

Item No.

CuttinR Diameter

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S 8.75 ppd.

S 7.50 ppd.

0 5K4 5-ZZ

$10.95 ppd.

S 9.50 ppd.


S 10.95 ppd.

S 9.50 ppd.


S2H.50 ppd.

S24.50 ppd.



Offer expires October 51. 1982.


Precision and Price: Woodcraft® introduces two new wood-joining tools at introductory prices.

For a limited time only, Woodcraft* offers special introductory prices to the readers of THE WOODWORKER'S JOURNAL on two new wood-joining tools. Exceptionally well designed and easy to use, the Dovetail Gauge and Onsrud Spiral Cutters described below assure accurate results time after time.

Dovetail Gauge The secret of tight-fitting, hand-cut dovetails is in the accurate marking of tails and pins. This precision-tooled, steel-and-brass adjustable template provides accurate marking of softwoods at 1:6 and hardwoods at 1:8 angle ratios. Sides are machined at 90°. Step-by-step instructions for marking out tails and pins are included. 03P33-ZZ Reg. $34.95 ppd. SPECIAL PRICE $29.95

Onsrud Spiral Cutters Onsrud two-flute spiral cutters for plunge cutting have what it takes for smooth cutting in all plunge-routing applications. The up-spiral pulls waste from the cut and leaves a flat-bottomed mortise. The Vi" shank allows accurate, chatter-free cuts in any wood. Machined from solid high-speed steel. Lengths from 3'/«" to 3'/♦".

The 1983 Woodcraft® Catalog Imitated but never equaled. For 19 years our catalogs have brought the finest woodworking tools in the world to American carvers, cabinetmakers, wood turners, and other discriminating craftsmen. Two-year subscription, with supplements, $2.50. Color, 128 pages, perfect bound.


41 Atlantic Avenue, Box 4000 Dept. WJ92 • Woburn, MA 01888

□ I enclose S2.50 (Check or M.O.) for 2-year Woodcraft® Catalog St. Supplement subscription (refundable or free with order).

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